Are you a freelancing mom interested in homeschool Spanish with an overflowing to-do list? 

Are you a freelancing mom interested in homeschool Spanish?

More and more women are choosing to work from home while also being full-time moms. 

In response to Covid-19, many families also switched to homeschooling. In fact, the number of U.S. homeschooling households nearly doubled after the pandemic. 

It seems like moms just keep getting more and more added to their plate. Parenting, freelancing, and now teaching are all time-consuming activities that quickly start to add up. 

Is your plate getting too heavy? Are you tired of the precarious balancing act? 

Save yourself from painful headaches and neverending stress by outsourcing some of your child’s homeschooling lessons! Outsourcing lets your child get quality instruction without you having to lift a finger.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! 

I’m going to show you exactly how easy outsourcing can be. And stay tuned for the #1 homeschooling program that your child will love! 

Ready to make homeschooling a breeze? 

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The Importance of Early Language Learning

Want to know one of the greatest predictors of your child’s future success?

Hint: it’s not what school they go to or how many friends they have. The answer is simple —- Literacy! 

Children who acquire language early on are more likely to score higher on tests, graduate high school, and even go to college. 

The sooner your child starts learning a language, the better! Younger kids have more neuroplasticity in their brains. This enables them to quickly create new neuropathways and adapt to language. 

But, don’t stop at just one language! 

Research shows that there are thousands of benefits to being bilingual. From more career opportunities to a greater competitive edge in the job market, it pays to be bilingual.  

Helping your child learn a second language like Spanish is a sure way to provide them with a brighter future. 

Which Language Should Your Child Learn? 

With over 20 Spanish-speaking countries and a growing Hispanic population in the United States, there has never been a better time for your child to learn Spanish. 

In fact, Spanish is the most sought-after language in the United States. It’s also a category one language, making it one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn! 

The #1 Spanish Homeschooling Program for Working Moms

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who homeschools, then you need to take advantage of Homeschool Spanish Academy

Homeschool Spanish Academy (HSA) is an accredited online language learning program with more than 10 years of Spanish teaching experience. From curriculum and report cards to homework and quizzes, they take care of everything! 

Homeschol Spanish made easy with online classes.

Native Spanish-Speaking Teachers

HSA teachers are different from other language learning programs. 

HSA employs native Spanish-speaking teachers straight from Antigua, Guatemala. As a result, every HSA student gets a quality language experience from an authentic source. 

Homeschool Spanish Easily Fits into Your Homeschooling Routine

HSA’s Spanish programs are specially designed with homeschoolers in mind. 

As a parent, you get to decide the day, time, and teacher of your choice. You can schedule regular class time each week or change days as needed. HSA is the perfect combination of flexibility and consistency. 

Every HSA lesson takes place online through Google Hangout. This web-based platform gives you and your child the ability to take lessons at home, while traveling, or even on the road

Homeschool Spanish Programs for Every Grade Level

My four-year-old daughter is in her class with her Homeschool Spanish Academy teacher.

HSA provides a homeschool Spanish curriculum for preschoolers, elementary students, middle schoolers, and even high schoolers!

Preschool Program

Elementary Program

Middle School Program

High School Program

High School Credit

Give your child a headstart to college! 

Many universities require at least two years of a foreign language for admission. That’s why HSA offers high school credit that can transfer to their higher learning institution! 

Affordable Classes

At HSA, packages are as low as $7-$15 per class! 

This is an unbeatable price for tailored, one-on-one lessons. Furthermore, if you have multiple students, you can save even more money by choosing the two-on-one classes!

Unique Curriculum 

HSA knows that Spanish immersion is key to language learning. 


Their instructors teach kids not only about grammar but also about culture. As students experience more and more of the culture, they obtain a stronger motivation to learn the language. 

This cultural connection keeps kids engaged, focused, and excited! 

HSA offers free samples of our curriculum based on the program that interests you. Each sample includes a sample lesson, sample quiz, sample exam, the course description, as well as the scope and sequence of the curriculum. 

Have a look:

What Other Moms Are Saying About Homeschool Spanish Academy

Hundreds of homeschooling moms across the U.S. are using HSA. Read some of their testimonials and reviews to see why busy moms are loving this one-of-a-kind program.

What other moms are saying about Homeschool Spanish Academy.

My four-year-old daughter loves Homeschool Spanish Academy. We take one preschool-level classes a week and my daughter is always excited to see her teacher, Senorita Irene. When we first started, she was a little shy but after 3 classes with her teacher, she opened up and is more comfortable speaking Spanish with her teacher, her dad, and her Colombian relatives. It makes me so happy as a mother, who has always wanted to give her children the gift of a second language.

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Language is one of the most powerful tools that you can give your child. Take advantage of your student’s natural ability to achieve fluency fast. 

Whether you plan on homeschooling a high schooler or teaching Spanish to your toddler, HSA is here to help. Their low-cost pricing packages and flexible program options make it easier than ever to homeschool Spanish. 

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