My skin has changed since drinking collagen every day. But let me backtrack a little! Beauty and skincare aren’t something I’ve cared very much about until recently.

I’ve always been what society would consider naturally beautiful. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I don’t have an extensive skincare routine. To be honest, I didn’t have a skincare routine until this year.

Then one day, I was having a conversation with my mom and she made a comment about one of my Instagram posts. She asked “what eye cream are you using? You are starting to get crow’s feet? 

Gasp! Seriously mom. Crows feet?!? I then had to listen to her advice on starting to use eye cream, collagen, and moisturizing my skin if I am going to be posting pictures. 

At the time I was slightly annoyed but she was right. Very right. I was getting crows feet from the years of being a happy smiley woman. 

And I didn’t really have a skincare routine. Having suffered with eczema since my early 20s and being too fearful of trying new products on my skin, I’ve stuck with the same prescribed lotion for years.

Well, I decided to look into finding a better facial moisturizer and drinkable collagen to start caring for my “aging skin”.

From my research, collagen is not only great for your skin, nails, and hair, but also for your ligaments. It can help with reversing the aging process, healing joints and leaky gut. It also helps reduce cellulite, provides better sleep, and is amazing to take post-workout!

After giving birth to two babies back to back, my ligaments and joints can surely use some TLC. 

Collagen powder is not inexpensive, but it’s less than one dollar a day and I know it is a good investment in my health!

I have found that the easiest way to take collagen is to drink it. I blend one packet of unflavored collagen in my smoothie or stir in my detox tea every day. It completely dissolves and I don’t taste a difference in my tea or smoothies

Maybe because I add honey to my tea and mixed berries and other sweetened powdered to my smoothies but I love the combos I am able to use with my collagen.

There are flavorless collagen brands out there as well. 

I also add collagen to their coffee and it should be tasteless that way, too!

There it is! I have finally come to hit the age where I care about my skin and look older than I am so I am happy drinking collagen daily takes very little effort and it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself every day! Which in turn makes me feel good overall about showing up how I want to. 

Do you drink collagen? What are some things you hope to improve in your healthy by drinking collagen?

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