Seriously…what DID women do before pregnancy pillows. My guess is they got really creative with pillow placement. You know, one behind the back, under the belly and between the knees. The usual spots. How lucky are we that we live in a world where some genius created a pregnancy pillow?
I wouldn’t be surprised if an unhappy husband who couldn’t get a good nights rest because his super pregnant wife was twisting and turning all night trying to get comfortable invented pregnancy pillows…sounds about right.

But I digress…

I absolutely love my pillow. My husband surprised me with the Queen Rose Full Body Pillow during the fifth month of my first pregnancy and it was a lifesaver. Now 4 months into my second pregnancy, I didn’t waste any time pulling out my trusty pillow to revel in the comfort and benefits of its amazing u-shape support.


You may be thinking, do I really NEED a pregnancy pillow? The answer is YES. 


The physical demands required of your body during pregnancy needs to be cared for to ensure that baby remains safe and receives all the necessary support and nourishment required to develop. As much as your baby needs nourishment internally to grow and be healthy for delivery, you mama also needs to ensure that the fetus is protected from any possible physical harm externally. One such crucial aspect that needs attention is your sleeping position. Couples go through many sleepless nights in order to ensure that the mother does not sleep in an awkward position that could harm the baby. Also, normal mattresses are not designed to provide comfort to us pregnant mamas which may lead to body aches and hinder sleep. This is where a pregnancy pillow comes in handy.


4 Benefits of Using a Pregnancy Pillow


1. Provides comfort to body aches and pain. As the belly grows so do the aches and pains on the back, legs, and hips. 


2. Enhances blood circulation. Sleeping on our left side helps promotes good blood circulation which is important for us. But it may feel uncomfortable especially with the weight of the belly. A pregnancy pillow can be used to prop up and lift the belly, taking the pressure off your body while promoting blood circulation. 


3. More relaxed and longer sleep. Simply put a pregnancy pillow will help you to relax and get longer uninterrupted sleep. But I can’t promise uninterrupted sleep when your bladder decides it needs to go to the bathroom three times during the night. There is no pillow for that. Sorry. 


4. Helpful after delivery. Your pregnancy pillow will come in handy days and weeks after you give birth because it can be used as a nursing pillow! Win!


Now let’s dive into the world of pregnancy pillow! There are so many styles to choose, from the wedge to the c-shape and to the u-shape, to a pillow that allows you to sleep on your stomach! Say what! Here is a list of the top 5 best pregnancy pillows for all trimesters. 


The Coveted Top 3:


Best Full Body Pillow:

The Queen Rose Full Body Pillow is my favorite pillow! The Queen Rose is 100% cotton and 55 inches long for full body comfort. It is U-shaped and long enough to support both sides of your body. It is perfectly designed for side sleepers. Lastly, it helps alleviates many normal pregnancy conditions such as sciatica and can be used postpartum for nursing, reading, or even watching TV. 

Best Pregnancy Wedge Pillow:

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is super cute and very compact. It’s great for belly support, but it also supports your lumbar when you sit as well as your knees while resting on the couch. It’s small so it can be carried around the house and the price is nice and low so you can have two; one at home and one at work!



Best Pregnancy Pillow for Side Sleepers:

The C-shape pillow is considered to be the best for side sleepers. This is up for debate as I really love my U-Shape Queen Rose Full Body Pillow. The Snoogle Total Body Pillow has a hook shape or a C- shape, one side supports your back while one end lifts your head and the other end goes between your knees for even more support.

When shopping for a pregnancy pillow, I suggest if you can go to a maternity store and test out the display ones to see how they feel! Congratulations and good luck on your pregnancy!

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