Pumpkin patch with corn maze in South Florida.

With the summer’s end, the weather cooling down, and stores already stocking their shelves with Halloween decorations, visiting a pumpkin patch with corn maze may be giving you all the feels.

Even though it is still in the 90s here in South Florida, the native New Yorker in me still associates Fall with a pumpkin patch and apple orchards, Halloween decorations, and all the cute pumpkin patch outfits for kids. 

If you are a new mommy, you are probably excited to visit your local pumpkin patch for warm apple cider, family fun, and cute pumpkin patch pictures. If you are a first-time mommy you might have some hesitations about bringing your little one to their first pumpkin patch given the times we are living in. 

With proper precautions, socially distancing, and wearing a mask in public, you can do this safely and have fun if you want to. I went to my first pumpkin patch EVER, with my 10-month-old baby in the Florida heat and it was so worth it. It can be done and you can have fun too. 

Here are 3 tips for visiting a pumpkin patch with corn maze with toddlers.

Step 1: Google Pumpkin Patch With Corn Maze Near Me

Before venturing out, take some time to research which pumpkin patches are open near you, pumpkin patch hours, pumpkin patch activities, a pumpkin patch with hayrides, etc. Research everything you want to know about a pumpkin patch near you that will give you the experience you are looking for. 

Depending on your toddler’s nap schedule, you can choose a pumpkin patch that is close to your home so you can return home quickly if your little one starts getting cranky, or choose a pumpkin patch that is a good distance away so your little one can enjoy a nap in the car after all the fun he or she will have. Consider how long it takes your little one to fall asleep in the car and choose wisely. 

Also, choose a pumpkin patch that is open during the weekdays. By choosing to go on a weekday, you will avoid the weekend crowd and will save you the headache of waiting just to take a pumpkin patch photo of your adorable little one. If your only opportunity is on the weekends, go as early as possible to be the first ones there.

Step 2: Prepare Pumpkin Patch Outfits 

Preparation for a pumpkin patch outing with toddlers will make your way more fun. 

1) Pack your toddler’s diaper bag with all the essentials including a change of clothes, pumpkin patch outfit, food, snacks, toys, teethers, and their favorite lovely (for that car nap). 

2) If your toddler will be wearing a pumpkin patch outfit, keep the costume close by for a quick grab when you leave your home. Or have it prepacked in the diaper bag.

3) Charge your camera (if using one) and cell phone. Nothing can ruin a joyous experience better than a low battery signal.

Step 3: Have Fun With Pumpkin Patch With Corn Maze And Activities

1) Give your toddler a big breakfast to start his or her day off right. Make sure the baby gets a good first nap in the car, so when she or he wakes up, she is happy and ready to play at the pumpkin patch.

2) Dress your toddler in normal cool comfortable clothes. Save the costume for when you arrive. 

3) When you arrive at the pumpkin patch dress your little one in the costume if wearing one. Take all the fun and cute pumpkin patch pictures first! Get that out the way while the baby is still full, fresh and happy. Give your little one a fun Halloween book to read while you set up the perfect shot and camera!

4) Depending on what your child is wearing, you may want to change, change your toddler back into normal clothing for their comfort and enjoy the pumpkin patch as a family!

5) Bring portable fans to beat the heat and keep your little one cool and happy.

5) Try to spend no more than an hour or two max at the pumpkin patch, especially if you are at a pumpkin patch in South Florida. The heat can be brutal and the environment can be overstimulating for some children. 

How to visit a pumpkin patch with corn maze with toddlers.

With these three easy tips taking your toddler to their first pumpkin patch experience will be a memorable one for the whole family. A little planning and lowered realistic expectations go a long way as a toddler mom. Enjoy the perfectly imperfect moments and Happy Fall! 

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