Natural hair is beautiful! I am so happy that the times have changed and more black women are embracing their natural hair. As a girl mom, I now have the pleasure (and challenge) of caring for my baby’s natural hair. I am a wash and go type of mom. I like the easiest hairstyles and routines.
I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out the adorable satin headbands for infants by SassySatinSisters. Before I just into my review on these headbands, let me preface by saying I am not a “girly girly”. I am a wash-and-go up in a ponytail kind of girl. I love looking good and getting my hair done, what woman doesn’t, but spending time watching tons of youtube videos learning how to style my natural hair is just not for me. That’s why I got sisterlocks to begin with. They are easy to beautiful and low maintenance, which is perfect for my lifestyle.
Now, this doesn’t mean I do not want or plan to take care of my own daughter’s hair in the best way possible. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, after the initial shock, my first thoughts were “how am I going to raise a girl!?!” and then my thoughts turned into “how am I going to do her hair?!?!” Thankfully, I am not a total lost cause and I have an amazing sister who is a natural hair specialist. You can check out her work on her Instagram page @unknownbreed_  One of her best tips is to use a satin headband or bonnet on your little one’s head. I will add to use these with caution. Bonnets can be a potential suffocation danger to younger kids and definitely a huge no-no for infants. But satin headbands are safe to use on all ages.

So why satin? Satin protects your hair from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton, ie. your bed sheets or cotton headbands. Satin also helps to greatly reduce breakage, tangles and thinning. Black women have known this secret for years. If you are a black woman, you probably sleep with a bonnet or a headscarf. If you have black girlfriends, you’ve probably questioned why they sleep with a bonnet or even made fun of their bonnet…if so…shame on you! Those Aunt Jemima jokes aren’t funny. Having hair that is naturally more coarse than let’s say our Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian friends, we have to protect our hair differently. Ah-ha! So, there is a reason why we smell like coconuts! If we take such good care of our hair as moms, it only makes sense to think of our little ones in the same way. Enter satin infant headbands!
Couple weeks ago, I received a purple, yellow, and a mixed color satin headband from SassySatinSisters. When I opened my package, my first reaction was “how cute and soft!”. I love the shine on the satin materials and the bright colors. When I put the yellow headband on my daughter, her face lit up in a big smile. She has learned that when she gets to wear headbands we are going out for the day! Not only did the headband look great on her skin tone, but it also fit her head perfectly. Which brings me to my dislike about these bands. These headbands do not have a lot of stretch for a growing infant’s head. My daughter’s head is in the 42% for her age group at 10 months old, so she has a small peanut head like I do, and these headbands fit her perfectly. After about an hour of wearing it, she had a line on her forehead from where the headband was, indicating that it is too tight for her and may even become uncomfortable if worn for too long. They are cute to finish up your daughter’s outfit and you can feel confident that the satin is protecting her hair instead of drying it out like a cotton headband would, but I wouldn’t let my mini wear one for an extended period of time. The satin headbands come in newborn size 0-3 months or toddler size 6-18 months. The creator of SassySatinSister is working on designing new STRETCHABLE satin headbands! Yessss!!! This is exciting! You better believe I will be snagging a few when they are ready!
If you would like the protection of satin without using headbands, SassySatinSisters also designs satin crib sheets! Say what! They come in many fun prints like zebra and colors like mint. These are great for reducing the appearance of the ball spot on the back of babies heads from laying on their backs so much.
Infant hair care is so important. Because their hair is so fragile and still changing, I suggest using little to no product in your little one hair. Maybe a pea size amount of coconut oil once a week to moisturize after wash day. Also, do no manipulate your baby’s hair with hairbows and barrettes. As tempting as it is, hairbows and barrettes tug at the gentle roots of your baby’s hair. So avoid them. And finally, let your baby’s hair rest. Something doing nothing is best. Most infants do not have enough hair to even put hairbows in and if they do, reducing the amount of hair tugging
You can visit SassySatinSisters Instagram page and Etsy shop below!
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