I’m Nicole Vasco, a wife, stay-at-home mom of two, content writer, copywriter, and creator of The Mompreneur Project.

I’m a native New Yorker hailing from The Bronx, now living and loving sunny South Florida.

I’m a Sagittarius, Enneagram 2 (with a 3 wing), and an introverted extrovert.

I love reading books, laughing over a glass of wine with friends, going to the beach, volunteering at my church, hanging with my family, and writing. I love the power of the spoken and written language and have found my calling as a scribe.

After an unfulfilling corporate job let me go in 2016, I found myself finally free to pursue my dream of being self-employed.

Like many first-time entrepreneurs, I tried many businesses and made many common mistakes. I tried network marketing, teaching English online, and being a social media influencer to earn money while I stayed home to raise my babies. 

After a few years of dabbling in each, I felt very unaligned. I realized I loved nothing I was doing and did some soul searching to figure out what I am good at, what I am passionate about, and how I can combine the two to earn money in a way that wouldn’t take me away from my daughters. 

I had a simple goal: to be a stay-at-home mom, work less than 20 hours a week, make more money than my corporate job, and enjoy my life abundantly and peacefully while raising my family.

That’s when I accidentally stumbled on freelancing. Freelancing has allowed me to take my previous skills from college and work outside the home and charge for services that I already knew how to do, without going back to school or getting any certifications.

Freelancing is the perfect solution for moms to have the best of both worlds, mom and CEO.

I believe being a SAHM should not limit your ability to make the money you want and SAHMS can make just as much money OR MORE than a freelancer as they would work outside the home for someone in part-time hours!

With this belief so deeply ingrained in my heart, I knew I needed to share what I’ve discovered to other moms like me. 

So I created The Mompreneur Project.

The Mompreneur Project is an online resource blog created to guide and support ambitious stay-at-home moms on their freelance business journeys, so they can earn an income doing work they love on their terms without sacrificing their freedom to be the moms they’ve always wanted to be. We believe every mom deserves the opportunity to create a life she loves, and our mission is to help as many moms as possible do just that. Whether you’re just starting out or have been freelancing for years, we advice, resources and community support so you can achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. 

The Mompreneur Project is for:

  • The multi-passionate stay-at-home mom who looking for a purpose other than just being a mom.
  • The mom who wants to stay home to raise her children but doesn’t want to sacrifice her income.
  • The ambitious mom who wants to feel financially secure by earning her own income. 
  • The mom loves to work but didn’t agree with the corporate world and doesn’t want to sacrifice her health, family, or integrity just to earn money.

At The Mompreneur Project, we understand the complexities of wanting to be a mom and also wanting (or needing) to work. It’s normal to feel guilty and selfish for wanting more. But you deserve to live a life that makes you happy and if that includes earning money, then you deserve to do it your way. We understand not wanting to go back to work in a corporate setting, but feeling like you are wasting your degree by staying at home. We understand wanting to educate your children differently, such as homeschooling, but knowing you need to contribute financially to afford to stay at home. Motherhood is complex. Life is complex. 

It feels impossible. It feels like a dream that only the lucky moms get to achieve.

We are here to be your business bestie, your cheerleader, and your friendly resource to guide you in making the decisions that are right for you, your freelance business, and your family. Starting with the business, you should start, to the right tools you should use, to the best supportive communities you should join, and so much more.

So come join us! I can’t wait to help you build the business of your dreams.

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