What in the world was I thinking of starting a new career pregnant and already with a 16-month-old toddler running around???

Many mothers would think this is the worst time to try to start a new career. And in some cases, they may be right. While many women decide to wait until after baby to make a major career shift, in true Nicole fashion, I am crazy enough to do the opposite.

I spent years in a network marketing business, and after a while, it didn’t feel right for me anything. I originally joined the business to help others and earn enough money to work from home to stay at home for my new daughter. But after a few years, I felt uninspired and I was ready to move on. So what do I do now?

Earlier this year, as I was bored scrolling Facebook, I saw a Facebook ad about becoming a social media influencer and I felt like my prayers have been answered. I’ve spent years in my network marketing business building a reputation on social media, I love to share stories online, and I love to write…this seemed perfect for me!

So at 5 months pregnant I decided I was going to go back to school and learn how I can use my gift of talking and writing to earn money online.

From early on I was presented with challenges. First, I had to find the money to pay for this online training. Next, I had to figure out where I was going to find the time to do this course and take it seriously. Then finally I had to do all the things the course taught me to set up my new business venture properly and strategically in just a few weeks.

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Crazy right?

Once I got the money to pay for the course, I knew I needed to make the time to do the work. For me, this meant no more nap time for mama. Being pregnant with an energetic toddler, I need naps. I also love naps but I decided to sacrifice my naps to make the time to commit to this. This also meant waking up at 5 am to do work before my little one woke up, working during her nap time, and working after I put her down to bed for the night. I chose to sacrifice some television time and even quality time with my husband most nights. There are other ways I am making this work for me, which I will go into more detail in another blog post later. When I decide I am going all in, I go all in from day one.

Time is not on my side with this. Having only a few months to get my new business goals established has been the driving motivator to work so ferociously and implementing as much as I could before my due date.

So exactly why was this so important that it could not wait until after I gave birth to my second daughter?

Because time waits for no one. It would not have matter if I started my new career now or six months from now. The time would have passed anyway and the conditions to start a new career still would not have been perfect. The trouble is, we all think we have time. Time is always moving, whether we decide to move with it or not. I would have found an excuse to keep waiting. Have you been there? Where you wanted to do something, a major life change, but things kept happening preventing you to start or you kept coming up with excuses? If so, then you know where I am coming from. In my eyes, I had a goal of where I wanted to be in my career in the next few years and in order to get there I had to start now not later. The timing may not be ideal and things are not in perfect condition, but I am taking an imperfect situation and making the best of it by taking imperfect action.

My goals have not changed but my path to get there has. I still want to work from home and be there for my babies while contributing financially to my family. Blogging fulfills my passions on so many levels while allowing me to be the mom I envisioned I would be.

When my second child is born, I will be faced with new challenges learning how to balance mom life of two little ones under two and work life. This blog, appropriately entitled The Mompreneur Project, is my personal journey of starting a new career working for myself from home while raising two girls under the age of two and everything in between including healthy eating, fitness, parenting, business lessons I will learn along the way and my favorite products to use to help me live life the best I can.

OK, now it’s your turn! What is your dream career that you’ve been hesitant to start? Share your own stories of your mompreneur goals with me!



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