***Update June 8, 2020***

Black podcasts and black podcasters are not a trend. They are here to stay and I am loving it!

Earlier last year, l fell in love with podcasts. Prior to that I was an audio book junkie and was subscribed to Audible. I’ve since canceled my Audible account for the time being. In it’s place, I discovered a ton of podcasts for free! I’ve been hooked every since.

Whether you are a blogger, business owner, network marketing, or just starting out in their entrepreneurial journey, what you put between your ears matters.

13 motivational podcasts for black moms with goals.
13 motivational podcasts for black mom with goals.

Black podcasts have given me a space that feels safe to indulge in all things black without judgement or having to explain myself. They have acted as virtual invitations to connect with other black mothers. Lastly, they have been an extension of my business coaching.

Business is always changing. Techniques are always improving. So it is important to always be learning and staying up to date with the trends in your business. This can be done by taking an online course in your industry, joining a mastermind group, reading books or listening to podcasts.

On a personal front, the right podcast can motivate, inspire, and encourage you to take action towards your dreams and goals. Podcasts can also help you in your relationships with your partner, friends, and even with God. And some podcasts are simply just fun to listen to like chatting with your best friend.

Best black podcast for mom entrepreneurs to listen to right now.
Best black podcast to listen to right now.

Here are a few of my favorite black podcasts that are totally binge worthy now and always.

Hello Seven

Hello Seven by Rachel Rodgers is powerful, feminist, and is on a mission to help women earn seven figures in their businesses. Rachel Rodgers is a wife, mother of four children and owns a 7 figure business coaching women on how to scale their business. I love this podcast for her no BS real approach to giving great advice, strategies and practical business resources to help you in business.

Journey To Launch Podcast

Journey to Launch by Jamila Souffrant, discusses ways to help you save money, get out of debt, and invest to reach financial freedom. She is a first generation Jamaican American who was able to save 85,000 in 12 months, quit her job, then start this podcast to help other people.

Jenell B. Stewart Podcast

The Jenell B Stewart podcast is a lifestyle and business podcast by Jenell, where she talks about motherhood, being an online business owner, and a wellness.

The Suga

TheSuga Podcast is a brown mama’s audio guide to the sweet life. It’s a safe space for moms to share, connect, laugh, and share the suga.

Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls is a podcast and a website dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of black women and girls.

13 Motivational podcasts for black moms with goals.

Blessed + Bossed Up

The Blessed + Bossed Up Podcast is hosted by DC entrepreneur Tatum Harrison. She creatively merges faith and business, teaching us mompreneurs how to grow in our personal endeavors, in our relationship with God, and in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast with Bre Mitchell

The Brown Girl Self Care podcast was created to provide revolutionary self-care resources and community to support black women as we focus on centering our health and healing. This podcast will totally support your self care journey.

The His & Her Money Show

The His & Her Money Show is what every power couple needs. Talaat and Tai McNeely are money and marriage experts that tackle issue such as paying off debt, investing, having hard money conversations in marriage all with the mission to build power couples with purpose and stronger marriages.

Manifest It Sis!

The Manifest it, Sis! Podcast is an empowering space for women of color’s ideal lives to unfold. Danielle Faust of the blog OKDani.com reveals all her personal development, wellness, and self care strategies, manifesting tips, and intuitive guidance so you can manifest your happy life with ease.

Dream Girl, Dream

Dream Girl, Dream is a podcast designed to encourage women to go for the things they dream about in life. Each week she will share tips and steps that will more you into action.

The Girl Be Free Podcast

Girl Be Free is a podcast designed to inspire and motivate you to show up in your life.

Mimi Said What

Mimi Said What?! is unfiltered girlfriend chatter hosted by Mimi Robinson. She is a dope black women who happens to be a wife, a mom, and still has a life of her own. She wears many hats and shares all things on her podcast.

The Boonie Breakdown

The Boonie Breakdown gives honest, candid conversations about sex, love, relationships, pop culture, feminism and so much more. Boonie, her friends, and special guests talk about off-the-cuff discussions on life’s everyday happenings.

These black podcasts have really been crucial in shaping my mind for more happiness, more success, and more peace this year. I hope these podcasts inspire you as they have inspired me to have the courage to fully invest in yourself and your dreams.

If you have a lists of podcasts you love listening to, comment below! If you decide to take a listen to the few I listed above, let me know what you think!


Nicole Vasco