Our culture celebrates the hustle life. Hustle Hustle Hustle. I can almost guarantee you that, hustling all day every day is the number one reason you are not making more money. 

From one mompreneur to another, sis, that hustle mama mentally will not serve you for too long. It is not sustainable. The burn out and crash is inevitable. And you my friend are no good to the people in your life if you aren’t your best self. You need to adopt a momboss mindset to be successful and that means prioritizing yourself.

The number one reasons you are not making money.

Everytime I start feeling fatigued, anxious, unmotivated and self doubt starts creeping in, I notice it’s a direct reflection on how well I’ve been caring for myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. ⁣

You became an mompreneur to live life differently. In addition to the unlimited income possibilities, you envision more time with your family, more time parenting your kids, a flexible schedule, and taking days to rest. You wanted a different life for yourself, so why are you choosing to work like everyone else. HARD. Choose to be different. Choose to do the opposite of hustle mode. 

Your Self Worth = Your Net Worth.

Increasing your self care is the number one way to increase your self worth, how you value yourself, and in return, your net worth aka your income potential also increases. Who doesn’t want more money? The income goals you have set for yourself will come when you change your mindset and attitude around work and prioritize your self care. 

There are eight different types of self care. Physical, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, space, financial, and work. 

Self care can be a physical activity such as working out or going for a nice long walk. It can mean attending therapy to manage your emotions. It can also take the form of creating boundaries for yourself or limiting your social media use. Activities such as gardening or reading a book also counts as self care. 

Self care is about doing things that bring you joy. Doing things that give you energy and fuel you. Not drain you. Taking care of your body equates to taking care of your whole self. And you want to show up as a whole happy stress free emotionally sound confident woman to make more money in your at home business. 

8 types of self care you need to know to increase your net worth.

What Self Care Is Not.

Self care is not selfish. As mompreneurs we struggle with this mentally. Mothers naturally pour so much into others and oftentimes leaving nothing left to pour into themselves. Mom’s guilt can make this even worse, so we don’t prioritize self care. 

Treating yourself the way you want the world to treat you is another form of self care. Start being the mompreneur you want to be by telling the world how you want to be treated. These acts make you feel good. When you feel good about yourself, it shows itself in how you parent, how you love your spouse, and how you show up in your business. 

Work hard. Play harder to make more money. 

Self care also shows up in the choices you make. Are you choosing to do things out of obligation? Or choosing to do things that boost your energy? Things that create space and joy in your life?

Self care ideas to maximize your self worth.
Self care ideas.

This week I want to challenge you to schedule two self care activities in your weekly planner. Make these self care acts an obligation, they do not have to be big or expensive but they do have to be intentional. 

I want nothing more than for every mompreneur to reach her business and life goals and understand how self care plays an important role. ⁣

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Comment below and let me know how you are going to practice self care this week. 

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