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  • 3 Mindset Shifts You Need To Go From stay-at-home-mom to work-from-home-mom

    Mindset shifts would have saved me from a lot of stress, self-doubt, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, the list goes on and on. You will probably struggle with these at some point when you first transition from stay-at-home mom to working from home mom, but I hope after reading this blog post, you are able to identify […]

  • 13 Ways Being a Mom Makes You a CEO

    The millennial mom can be defined by avocado toast, bulletproof coffee, raising emotionally intelligent kids, posting our lives for all to see on social media, and the side hustle. Yes, the side hustle. We work 9 to 5’s and work on our passion projects before sun up and after sun down. Some are stay at […]

  • How To Work From Home: 3 Productivity Hacks for Moms

    As a work from home mom or a WAHM, as it is popularly known, many would assume I have the best of both worlds. I am able to wake up late, work in my pajamas, and play with my kids when ever I want to. Truthfully, you are right. I do love the flexibility working […]