With the year we all had in 2020, I know we are all ready for a reset in our health and wellness goals. 

As a toddler mom of two girls, I am happy with the progress I’ve made in my health last year. I was able to lose my belly fat, flatten my c-section pooch, and fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothing, but I still have some pinchable fat on my love handles and the dreaded muffin top!

Nicole Vasco 4 month transformation using ItWorks Skinny Brew, Cleanse, and Toning Wraps.

I’m excited to add Slimming Gummies to my already doable wellness regime! Proven to shrink your waist, slim your hips, and can help you start losing stubborn, pinchable fat on your stomach and love handles. 

Formulated with Apple Cider Vinegar and a clinically proven Blood Orange power-ingredient, these sweet, vegan treats will keep your confidence up while you slim down.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Features MOROSIL, Blood Orange extract, clinically proven to shrink waist and hip circumference by inches – even lower Body Mass index. 
  2. Attacks fattening calories that add unwanted inches to your stomach and hips. 
  3. Actively shrinks bloated fat cells so you can enjoy a slimmer body.
  4. Offers a uniquely vegan formula that is fruity, delicious, and contains no caffeine, stimulants, or added sugars. 
  5. Non-GMO, No artificial colors or flavors, keto-Friendly, Soy-Free, Vegan

How To Use:

Adults can enjoy two apple cider vinegar gummies at the same time every day with or without food. For maximum results in a total of 15 servings per bottle. 

Slimming Gummies are perfect for those who struggle with taking pills, love the benefits of apple cider vinegar but hate the taste, and those who need an easier way to lose stubborn belly fat. 

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