Self-care for freelancing moms. Doesn’t that phrase make you a little angry? Seriously, when I used to hear the word self-care, I would roll my eyes in annoyance.

Didn’t people realize that I am a mom of two under two and self-care was like a Spanish-speaking purple unicorn wearing a superman cape flying through Times Square meaning … it… felt… impossible. 

And truthfully, it was impossible. I didn’t really understand what self-care meant and what it really looked like, so I couldn’t recreate it in my own life, raising my young family while trying to run a freelance business.

Self-Care For Freelancing Moms

One of the best things about self-care is how versatile it can be. You can change up your routine as often as you want (and as a mom you will) and there are a limitless number of activities to choose from.

For this reason, self-care is something you can continue to practice every single day, no matter where you live or what season you’re in. Even as the seasons change in nature and your business, you can make self-care a priority every single day.

After reading this blog post, I hope you feel a renewed energy that self-care through the seasons is possible at any stage of motherhood even when you are running a freelance business from home. 

Let’s look at some ways you can make self-care work through all the different seasons:

Self-Care For Freelancing Moms

How to Self Care As a Freelancing Moms

In the Spring self-care can look like

Spring is a time to take care of yourself and your body. It’s the perfect time to start a new healthy habit or kick an old one. Spring is also a good time to practice self-care if you weren’t before.

Self-care can mean different things for different people, but for me and the purpose of this post, it always includes doing something that you enjoy, that rejuvenates you, while taking care of yourself and your mental health. 

One way to practice self-care in the spring is by going outside more often. After being a prisoner in your house all winter long, the best thing you can do is get outside and soak up the sunshine and fresh air. Immerse yourself in nature and explore someplace you’ve never been.  

Every morning, I would put my girls in their double stroller and take a nice long walk on a nature trail near our home. It was a great time for my girls to observe nature or read a book, while I listened to a podcast or audiobook and took in fresh air and sun.

I loved it and highly recommend walking daily as the easiest and simplest form of self-care for moms. Attempt to take a short walk at least once every day and promise you will see and feel the difference in your health and your overall mood. 

Self-Care For Freelancing Moms

Another way to practice self-care in the spring is by decluttering your space. I read the most real IG post, I’ve seen in a while and it really hit home for me, you can check it out here, but it said “if you want to feel better stop holding onto things that make you feel like sh*t” – Courtney Carver of 

Refreshing your home for Spring and getting rid of anything you no longer have use for–clothing, books, toys, household items, etc. can really light you up as well as lighten up your space. Have a yard sale and make a little extra cash or simply donate them.

When you let go of the unnecessary items that weigh you down, you make room for the more important things in life. And remember the fewer things you have, the less you have to clean up mom. Less cleaning = more self-care for me! 

What does self care for freelancing moms look like in the summer

The summer is a time to relax and recharge. The days are longer; the weather is warmer; the sun is bright! It’s a time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and spend some time with friends and family. 

One way to self-care as a mom in the summer is to start a garden. I am in favor of this activity because it is something you can do with your kids as a learning experience or to create fun memories. 

Self-Care For Freelancing Moms

Gardening can be one of the most satisfying and soothing activities you can do. You’re able to enjoy the beautiful weather, play in the dirt and reap the rewards with beautiful flowers or healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s also a great way to have some bonding time with your family as well.

As you go through motherhood, you may find yourself conflicted about what self-care should look like for you. You get to choose what it looks like and what it does for me. I realize and accept that in this season of motherhood with two young children, a lot of my self-care involves them. 

Spending time with my children doing things we enjoy together, such as nature walks and coloring, energizes me because these are quiet activities away from a computer, not involving a phone, not engaging with another adult, and simply enjoying quality time with my minis. Seeing their joy and their personalities shine through when we do things together makes me happy, and that happiness is self-care. 

During the summer, if it’s in the family budget, you can plan a vacation (or staycation). Summer is a great time for family adventures. Create a list of all the activities you’d like to do and start planning. Explore the sights in your own hometown and stay overnight in a local hotel. Take a road trip or plan a weekend getaway. Have a slumber party in your living room or camp out in the backyard. Give yourself something to get excited about over the next few months.

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Why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important in the Fall for freelancing moms

Often self–care feels like a chore, but it is important for everyone, but it is especially important for stay-at-home moms who are working from home. It’s not always easy to find the time or energy to take care of ourselves when we have clients to serve and toddlers who don’t sleep well at night, but it’s necessary.

In the Fall, it can be especially difficult to prioritize self-care. With the change in weather, many people experience a change in their energy levels and moods.

So instead of pushing through and working against your body’s natural state to prepare to “hibernate” for the winter, embrace that the Fall is the time to slow down focus on self-care. This is the perfect time to get your health in order and prepare for the winter months ahead. Fall is also a great time to practice mindfulness, which can help you be more present in your everyday life.

For freelancers, fall is Q3 for businesses and everyone is working overtime to ensure their black Friday offers are up and running. For moms, fall is busy with all the upcoming holidays. So it’s important to take care of yourself during this busy season so that you can be your best self for the people you love, aka the family you stayed home for. Remember them?  

Here are some ways to practice self-care this fall:

1) Take some time for yourself every day

2) Get enough sleep at night and take naps during the day

3) Eat healthy, balanced meals

4) Spend quality time with friends and family

5) Pray and practice mindfulness each day

 Visit the Pumpkin Patch: Nothing says fall fun like a trip to the pumpkin patch. Relive your childhood and stroll through rows upon rows of pumpkins until you pick out the perfect one. Jump on a hayrack ride or take a walk through the corn maze. Enjoy the fall colors and soak up the last bits of warm afternoon sunshine.

Start Cooking/Baking: When the weather gets cooler, it’s the perfect time to break out the crockpot and indulge in some of your favorite fall comfort food. Bake some bread or make up a big pot of chili. Get cozy in the kitchen and nourish your body with all your fall favorites.

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What is the self-care you can do as a freelancing mom in the Winter? 

We all know that winter can be a difficult time of the year. It is cold, dark, and not all that appealing (unless you live in a warm part of the world as I do). However, it is important to remember that winter is not just limited to the environment. It also affects our moods and how we feel physically.

In order to combat this, it is important to take care of ourselves during these months through self-care practices like getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods. We should also make sure we are not spending too much time on our phones or screens because they emit blue light which can disrupt our sleep patterns. 

With limited sunshine and freezing temps, winter can negatively affect your mental and physical health. Here are some ways to keep the winter blahs away and take care of yourself. 

Create a cozy space: Light some candles, put up string lights on the wall, and line your couch with fuzzy blankets. Make yourself a soothing space that you can relax into.

Have a Spa Night: In the middle of winter, there is nothing like pampering yourself with a face mask, body wrap, foot scrub, etc. Allow yourself to relax. Soak up the warmth of a bubble bath while reading a good book or keep lotions on hand to repair any dry skin.

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How to self-care as a mom through the seasons

These all seem silly and impossible when you have young children. I know and as I am typing this, I am considering if this should even stay in or not. But I am going to keep this part in because it really is important and your mama needs the reminder to at least try to pamper yourself from time to time. 

I’ll happily be the friend in your ear reminding you that your kids need you and the best way to ensure you are always around for them is to prioritize your physical and mental health first. That’s why we self-care. 

Some ways to create a self-care plan for yourself are to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your values? What are your goals? What are your priorities?
  • What do you want from this season of life?
  • What do you want from yourself?
  • What your physical needs are?
  • Are you getting enough sleep? 
  • Are you eating well? 

Do you need more exercise or less stress in your life?

For practicing self-care all year long, the options really are limitless. Find out what works for you and change up your routine as often as you need to. Tune in to what your mind and body need throughout the changing seasons. 

Think you’re past the point of burnout? Check out my free Self Care Checklist.