Self-care for moms of toddlers seems impossible these days. This post is being written during the pandemic where many moms are struggling to find breaks in their day.

Why is Self Care So Important For Moms

Self-care is talked about a lot because the benefits of self-care for moms are tremendous. Mothers are usually the glue to the household. We are the caregivers, chefs, cleaners, teachers, nurses, household managers, and the emotions police. We care for everyone, and often leave ourselves on the back burner. 

One of the many benefits of self-care for moms is rejuvenation. When you feel refreshed, energized, and happy those feelings trickle down to how you show up for your family and its beautiful harmony. 

Self-care doesn’t always have to be something you do by yourself. In a perfect world, we all would love to have a work-from-home mom self-care schedule and enjoy time by ourselves with no husbands and no children. And it is absolutely needed at times, but in a mompreneur world, more often than not, that is not a reality. So how do you prioritize your self-care during quarantine when you are with your children 24/7?

You include them!

Shifting Your Mindset

You may be in the season of life where you do not have a babysitter or your schedule is just so jammed packed, that taking time away from your family to get your nails done or get a massage seems like a wish only a genie can grant.

The best way to practice self-care as a toddler mom is by adjusting my mindset on what self-care actually is. I’ve learned ways to include my family in my self-care. 

Self care is doing any thing that you enjoy doing and that rejuvenates you.

So your self care will look differently than my self care. And even my own self care looks different on different days, different moods, and in different seasons of my life.

What is important is that whatever you do makes you happy and is giving back to you in a positive way. 

Examples of easy self care practices for moms

Daily walks with my toddlers. I love putting on my sneakers, packing the girls in our double stroller, and walking our nature trail together. It’s peaceful and I listen to an audiobook while the girls play eye spy with the wildlife. It’s a great idea for healthy self-care for moms of toddlers. 

Making delicious smoothies with you girls. I do not know about your kids, but my girls love smoothies. So I like to ask them to “help” me make smoothies. They love to pick out the fruit and their favorite part of pushing the button on my blender portable blender. This is both educational, fun, and healthy for all of us. 

Doing an at home workout. Working out with your children, especially younger ones, can be annoying. In the past, I would wait until my kids nap to workout, but these days, I am including them, having fun, and doing the best I can. They enjoy working out with me and I get a few minutes of funny intense cardio. It’s a win win. 

Quiet time coloring with them. What I’ve learned is children just want to spend time with you. Light a couple of candles for aromatherapy, grab a journal or your own coloring book, and sit down with the kids while they color or do a puzzle and you will be surprised by how nice it actually is. If your kids can color independently, this is a great way to incorporate self care for busy moms while being present with your children.  

Let them do a craft kit. Depending on the age of your toddlers, they may be old enough to do a basic craft by themselves with your supervision. Allowing them to work independently, not only makes them feel good, but it will give you a few minutes to create some breathing room in your day.  

Baking with them. This is messy fun but the keyword here is fun. Self care can be fun. Laughter makes you feel good and those endorphins you feel from having fun carry you through your day (until you kids make a mess because that’s just mom life). 

What Self Care Is Not

Self-care is not only about spa dates and massages. And no running errands and taking showers are not self-care for moms. But being realistic, we should stop focusing on the time we get alone and instead focus on how we can create some breathing room in our day to feel good. Self-care is about prioritizing yourself in a way that re-energizes you. Spending time with my children doing things we enjoy together, such as nature walks and coloring, energizes me because these are quiet activities away from a computer, not involving a phone, not engaging with another adult, and simply enjoying quality time with my minis. Seeing their joy and their personalities shine through when we do things together makes me happy. 

Now do not get me wrong, mama still loves to get her nails done. And I still love and need me time just by myself, but instead of feeling resentment and annoyed that I don’t get that as often as I’d like, I shifted my perspective on self care for me right now with the understanding that my self care activities will change as my children get older and as the world begins to open up again. 

What are some ways you can think of to create small doses of self care throughout your day?

For more realistic ideas for self care for busy moms, check out these self care products for moms.