Freelancer Must Haves

Discover a handpicked collection of essential business tools and top-notch resources, exclusively curated for you! With these invaluable resources at your fingertips, running a seamless and efficient blog and online business becomes an achievable feat. Stay tuned as this page will be regularly updated to ensure you have access to the latest and greatest resources to support your journey.

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Website & Productivity

Tailwind is for busy freelancers looking to maximize their productivity. With Tailwind, you can stay on top of tasks without any extra effort, freeing up time for more important work.

Canva makes it easy for freelancers to create professional-looking visuals quickly and easily, so they can spend less time on design and more time on the tasks that matter most.

From custom designs that are tailored to individual projects, to features designed for ease of use, BluChic is the perfect choice for freelancers looking for a straightforward solution to build their online presence.

ConvertKit for freelancers makes it easy to stay connected with your clients. With powerful automation tools, you can set up automatic emails to keep your clients engaged and updated on the progress of their projects.

Use Jasper AI to help manage their time and workloads more efficiently. With this virtual assistant, mom freelancers can easily monitor their projects and save precious time that was previously spent on manual tasks.

From folders to boards, lists, Gantt charts, and more, ClickUp provides a comprehensive way for freelancers to organize and manage their projects with ease. 

The Contract Shop for Freelancers offers a one-stop shop for quickly and easily finding the perfect contract match. 

Honeybook offers a streamlined and professional way to manage your business. With its user-friendly interface, great customer service, and customized invoices and contracts, Honeybook makes it easy to stay organized and grow your business.

Freelancers can take advantage of ProWriting Aid to help improve their writing quality and accuracy. ProWriting Aid provides comprehensive feedback on grammar, style, readability, and more – enabling freelancers to produce polished, professional work.

The comprehensive spreadsheet for CEO business planning seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Apple Numbers—empowering executives to excel in their strategic endeavors.


Emb on a rewarding freelance journey as a Virtual Assistant and start earning money! Acquire valuable skills to propel your path to success in the freelance world.

Free Stock Photography

Discover a collection of diverse photos that celebrate authentic women. Rest assured that you are beautifully represented and your significance is recognized. Feel confident and empowered knowing you matter.

Discover stunning, vibrant, and captivating stock photos, social media graphics, and templates designed specifically for ambitious women entrepreneurs in the service industry.

Discover a wealth of captivating visuals beyond dull generic stock photos. Style Stock Society offers a vast collection of stunning photos, eye-catching social media graphics, professionally designed PDFs, and so much more. Elevate your creative projects with our premium assets.