Autumn, the season for pumpkin spice everything, beautiful Fall leaves, cooler weather, Halloween and pumpkin patches.

If you have little ones you are probably excited to visit your local pumpkin patch for warm apple cider, family fun, and to take cute Instagram worthy photos. If you are a first-time mommy you might have some hesitations about bringing your little one to their first pumpkin patch. Well, have no fear! You can do this mom and have fun too. I conquered my first pumpkin patch experience EVER, with a 10-month-old in the Florida heat. It can be done and you can have fun too. Here is my pumpkin patch survival guide from my own experience.

Step 1: Research

Before venturing out, take some time to research the family-friendly pumpkin patches in your area. Look for patches that are close to your home so you can return home quickly if your little one starts getting cranky, or choose a patch that is a good distance away so your little one can enjoy a car ride nap after all the fun he or she will have. Consider how long it takes your little one to fall asleep in the car and choose wisely. Also, choose a pumpkin patch that is open during the weekdays. If you can, avoiding the weekend crowd will save you the headache of waiting an hour just to take a photo of your child. If your only opportunity is on the weekends, go as early as possible after your little ones first nap.

Step 2: Get Prepared The Night Before

1) Pack your baby’s diaper bag with all the essentials including a change of clothes, food/snacks, toys/teethers, and a bottle.

2) If wearing a costume, keep the costume close by for a quick grab when you leave your home.

3) Charge your camera (if using one) and cell phones. Nothing can ruin a joyous experience better than a dead camera.

Step 3: The Day Of

1) Give baby a big breakfast to start his or her day off right. Make sure the baby gets a good first nap.

2) While your baby is napping, mommy (or daddy) get dressed and ready to go. Because as soon as the baby is up you should start going!

3) Dress your baby in normal cool comfortable clothes. Feed the baby lunch or a snack in the car. I personally love the Gogo Squeeze snacks. They are organic and delicious. My daughter slurps them up.

4) When you arrive at the pumpkin patch dress your little one in the costume if wearing one.
Take the baby pictures first! Get that out the way while the baby is still full, fresh and happy.
Afterward, change your baby back in normal clothing and enjoy the pumpkin patch as a family!

5) My suggestion, spend no more than an hour max. That is a sufficient time for a baby under the age of 1. After the age of 1, you know your child best, use your best judgement. But depending on the size of the pumpkin patch, realistically an hour is a sufficient time for any age child.

I am so grateful that we live in a world with Octobers. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and having a new baby to share all these memories with is just magical and shouldn’t be stressful one bit. With a little planning, your first patch experience should be a great one to remember!

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