Freedom from dieting AND reaching your goals in the process? Sounds impossible, right? So I thought too. But I am here as proof (as well as MANY I’ve worked with) to show you that it is NOT!

Recently, I’ve tried Beachbody’s newest program, that’s more in line with a nutritional COURSE, called 2B Mindset and it’s 100% focused on the number one things that people struggle with when it comes to weight loss: Food and Mindset. During this program, I felt like I had my own personal food therapist helping me understand and overcome my emotional and binge eating issues. I honestly didn’t realize how messed up my mindset was UNTIL I started this program. My biggest a-ha take away was that I self-sabotage. I will be doing very well on a new fitness/diet plan and towards the end, I just give up and start eating all the things. Can you relate?

What I liked about 2B Mindset, is that it’s not a workout program but if you do work out it is extra credit. I did find that most of my clients felt so good that they WANTED to workout! There was no restricting food groups or calorie counting either because as a new mom I do not have time for such tedious activities. Plus it just plain ole sucks counting anything. Although this is not a diet, I don’t want you to think that there was no structure. There’s no strict meal plan, but it does come with recommended foods that fall within a few different categories like veggies, proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. There was a “plan” to follow as a baseline where you use plate visualization to choose what to put on your plate each meal. This was the program that introduced me to cauliflower rice everything, zoodles, and spaghetti squash lasagna. My poor husband just wanted regular lasagna and I tricked it. He ate it, enjoyed it, and of course lost 8 lbs over the course of a couple weeks without exercise. Men just have that ability that we women do not.

The main focus of the 2B Mindset program is fueling your body with the most nutritious foods, understanding what those foods actually do for you, how they make you feel, and working on your mindset around your daily choices! There were little sayings that stick with you as you decide on what to eat and how to eat. My personal favorites were “Water first”, “Veggies most”, “More, sure why not!” The idea behind these three sayings was, 1) Drink 8-16 oz of water before eating your meals, 2) your plate should be 75% veggies, and 3) if you want more, sure have the second helping, just make sure it’s of veggies. After I got comfortable with these concepts I felt that I could eat pretty much what I wanted as long as it was “water first and veggies most”, I no longer felt disgusting and guilt when I would enjoy the occasional Chik-fil-a or ice cream. 
Positive Mindset = Positive Weight Loss.

As a first time mom, I needed this. I put a lot of stress on myself trying to lose the baby weight that comes days working out and eating right wasn’t enjoyable and I preferred the ice cream and fried chicken. A program that focused on a positive mindset and that let me enjoy losing weight at my own pace 2lbs at a time (another one of the program’s cute sayings), was perfect for the season of life I was in. Being a mom is tough. Being a first-time mom is tough and scary. Adding in extra pressure the bounce back to pre-baby weight is silly. I’m so happy I found 2B Mindset when I did.

With 2B Mindset, we’re tackling emotional eating, plateaus, and weight gain. With the upcoming holiday season, we’re also anticipating potential setbacks and learning to face them head on BEFORE they derail you as they have in the past. You will know how to go into any situation where food is involved and have control!
I’d love to invite you to join my Embrace The Fit Life tribe and becoming a healthier version of yourself without the stress of dieting this holiday season, please click here. This time is joyous and festive, no one has time to be counting calories and turning down wine at holiday parties. I love to diet, said no one EVER! 
If you want to join my fit tribe and lose weight the happy way without exercise or have questions click here and I will reach out to you so we can come up with a customized health plan for you! 

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