Moving to a new city with two babies under the age of 2 will really mess up any kind of structure or routine you may have had established with your little ones. That’s exactly what happened to me, when my family and I moved back to South Florida three months ago. Talk about sleep regressions and tantrums. 

Within our first two weeks in our new home, I ventured out every day with my girls on the hunt for the perfect play place. My idea of the perfect play place needed to be large enough for my almost 2 year old to run around freely, with enough mentally and physically challenging activities for her so she wouldn’t get bored, a safe clean space where I could relax, play with, and nurse my now 5 month old, and lastly a friendly caring staff that feels like family. After a couple of weeks of searching, trying out different play areas, I found the perfect children’s indoor gym located in Pembroke Pines called MyGym. 

Winter activities for toddlers in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

A bright, colorful space just for kids, MyGym Pembroke Pines is a unique spot for children 11 years of age and younger that is pretty much everything your childhood dreams were made of. Everytime I bring my toddler to class, I get a slight tinge of jealousy that my childhood was not this awesome! While the franchise offers open play for members, they also offer various gym classes throughout the week based on age group {six weeks to 11 years}. 

MyGym Pembroke Pines, Little Bundles class is for the youngest students 6 weeks to 6 months.

The large open space is filled with fun activities, gym equipment, mats and other items that are reminiscent of an 80’s gym class. My toddler’s eyes light up at the bright colors and her smile widens at the fun music playing overhead every time we go to MyGym

The class is led by a main teacher and assistant and follows a similar routine each session – beginning with circle time. Afterward, class members go around the room introducing themselves and then there is a fun active warm up to stretch and move their little bodies. Once they’re “warmed up” class begins, always with a song and a physical practice skills like handstands or tumbling. 

Children’s Fitness Gym, MyGym Pembroke Pines

MyGym Pembroke Pines’ goal is to create an environment where children feel loved and supported so their self-esteem and confidence can flourish and to love and nurture children through meaningful play. My toddler has been enrolled in MyGym’s Gymster class, which is for children 1 year old to 2 ½ years old. After 2 months of being in Gymsters, I’ve seen my daughter’s confidence and independence grow so much. I’ve also seen her specific social skills such as sharing and feeling empathy for other children improve.

In Gymsters, the instructors focus on the gross motor abilities of early 2-year-olds that are often characterized by more confident running and jumping on two feet as well as an overall improved spatial awareness of their bodies. During this engaging class, my little one sings, dances, swings, play games with her friends, watches puppet shows, take turns on special rides, and has “Surprise Time!” After every class, my daughter feels great about herself because she learned a new skill and got to practice other skills in each class.  

As a parent, I love that MyGym provides opportunities for my daughter to be independent with their “independent time” which is scheduled into every Gymster class. This is when the parents are asked to step out of the gym area so the kids can play with other kids independently. As a stay at home mom, it’s important for her to start getting used to playing without me. 

I also love that the instructors give her choices. They let her decide which skill station she wants to do and she is never forced to try an activity she doesn’t want to.

I love that one of the MyGym gym floor rules is to be available. Our gymster class is only 50 minutes and it is one of the MyGym rules that parents do their best to keep their cell phones off the gym floor so they can be fully present with their children. Being available is so important. They are still learning to be independent and they need our guidance and attention. It’s impossible to be available all day every day but when on the gym floor you should dedicate a stretch of time to be fully present and helping them with whatever they are currently working on, or playing. When children have your full attention for some of the time every day, then they are less likely to be demanding attention at times when you are less able to give it.

I love that the MyGym instructors sees my child as capable despite being one of the younger students in her class. They redesign the gym equipment every week so it is new, different and challenging, where she’ll have to work hard and figure out the obstacles. They do not limit any child in what they believe they can physically do.

I love that MyGym provides open-ended exploration. I love that every time we attend a MyGym class, the fitness gym is set up differently. It’s also a pleasant surprise to my toddler and myself. The changes in the gym floor setup keeps her actively engaged and curious to explore the gym floor. 

I love that MyGym encourages safe risk taking. The gym floor obstacles are challenging but everything is padded and secure and I feel confident that my child is safe so I allow her to try things that may be more physically challenging for her. I babywear my infant during class and it gives me peace of mind that my toddler is safe to play.

While toddlers want to act like big kids, and in many ways they are, they still have a need to be the baby and to be reassured that mom and dad are there to pick them up when they fall down, to cheer them on when they are tackling a new challenge, and to love them to the moon and back. MyGym helps celebrate those new milestones and accomplishments which makes my daughter feel special.

Then before you know it, after a fun filled 50 minutes, the good-bye song plays and it’s time to go bye bye! Time flies when you and a bunch of tiny humans are having fun.

******* UPDATE******* This discounted offer is no longer valid as of January 30th, 2020.

For all families, your first My Gym class is free, which is a great way to give it an initial go. For a limited time, mention NICOLEVBLOG at the Pembroke Pines MyGym or the Plantation MyGym locations and you will receive a special limited offer of a $15 lifetime membership, which is a $60 savings and $10 off your first months tuition. 

Have you brought your little one to My Gym Pembroke Pines yet? Did he or she love it? Let me know in the comments!