Since sharing my blog, many people have asked me for advice on how to manage their time to run a successful blog. Let me be the first to tell you, CoSchedule is the most important tool for bloggers to do what they love successfully.

It is definitely more difficult to successfully run a blog than just write about your feelings, post it, and hope someone reads it. 

Then add in trying to actually make money from your blog is a full-time job in itself. There is the writing content people want to read, promoting your posts on social media, learning from other bloggers and mentors, sending out emails, etc.

This takes a lot of time you probably do not have a working, managing a household, and raising your children. 

So how is it possible to post consistently when I am so busy? How can you create a blog post weekly? Daily? How do you stay accountable to your goals? 

The answer is CoSchedule. 

The most important tool for bloggers to automate their blog.
The marketing tool that saves bloggers time, automates your posts, and increases blog traffic.

What is CoSchedule? 

CoSchedule is the most important collection of marketing tools that every blogger needs. It organizes my blog, social media efforts, and email marketing all in one blog calendar to help me stay focused, accountable to my project deadlines, and grow my blog traffic. 

And it’s the answer to my business productivity prayers! 

How I use CoSchedule?

As a mother of two very young children, a toddler and an infant, I struggled with staying organized and doing everything that needs to get done in my blogging business. I am a solopreneur and as a blogger, there are so many daily items I need to check off to earn money from the comfort of my own home.

Until now. 

CoSchedule does just that. It combines all of my marketing tools in one place so that I can focus on doing what I love, writing great content to help moms live their best life.

The most important tool for bloggers to make a blog editorial calendar and automate their blog.
CoSchedule helps create a blog editorial calendar 10x easier.

A unified editorial calendar

CoSchedule helps me stay organized by keeping everything in one place. I am a very visual person. So being able to see a huge calendar with everything I need to do for my blog and social media in one place is very helpful. 

A blog editorial calendar all in place.

It allows me to publish content consistently. I have not been this consistent in publishing a weekly blog post since I started blogging. I do not have to have a million browser tabs open to get things done. This feature lets me jot down ideas for future blog posts on the idea board, write blog posts, come up with social media posts and emails for my audience all in one clear calendar. This is such an important tool for bloggers.

Promote your content with social campaigns

The social campaign features make it easy to schedule a series of social media messages on a single timeline. They are perfect for promoting my blog content across all of my networks. This is one of my favorite features because of the way my brain works, I always come up with ideas for social media posts to promote my blog posts AS I am writing my blog post. This feature allows me to toggle between writing my blog and my social media posts all on the same screen. 

Saves time by reducing repetitive work with social media templates

Coschedule lets you create predefined social media templates to reuse again and again, so you can populate your calendar with promotional messages in just a few clicks. I manage five different social media channels, so the social templates feature is such a time saver. 

Automatically re-use your best social messages

Now, this feature is the I add my old social media posts that performed the best with my audience to the ReQue, and this feature will automatically fill my social schedule for me based on gaps in my posting schedule. Only work hard once, right! 

Sync all of your most important tools

I love that I can access my favorite tools and social platforms in one place. CoSchedule integrates with all the tools I use including WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Convertkit and so much more!

Additional CoSchedule tools that I love are: 

The Headline Analyzer Improves SEO

This is by far my favorite feature CoSchedule offers. The Headline Analyzer analyzes my blog titles for its strength and impact on an SEO basis. I love it! I have the most trouble with coming up with a strong catchy headline that will make someone stop scrolling and read my blog posts and this feature helps me create blog post titles that increase traffic, shares, and search results.

The Social Message Optimizer

This feature is so cool! As an online influencer, creating social media posts that speak on a human relatable level is so important. The social message optimizer helps me create social media posts that boost engagement, meaning more likes, more shares, and more comments. It also helps me create posts that build trust with my audience. Finally, it drives the right kind of traffic back to my content. 

The Email Subject Line Tester

Another amazing feature from Coschedule. The email subject line tester has helped me create better click-worthy email subject lines. A great subject line means you (my subscriber) will actually open my emails! 

How CoSchedule works and its plans?

CoSchedule offers many plans for different levels of business. To see a list of all their plans, details, and pricing click here. 

For this post, I will only highlight their Blog Calendar for Bloggers and Solopreneurs, which is the category I fall under. As a solo blogger, this plan is perfect for me. It includes the all-in-one marketing calendar, drag and drop social media calendar, best time scheduling, and an optional WordPress plugin.

I highly recommend you take full advantage of the free 14-Day trial before deciding which plan is right for you. 

An honest review of CoSchedule, the #1 time saving tool every blogger needs.

Final Thoughts 

Coschedule is 100% worth it. It is the most important tool for bloggers. Before using CoSchedule, it was hard to keep up with running my blog. Between writing content, social media, photo editing, and running the business, some days I was drowning in work. I tried planners, calendars, whiteboards, spreadsheets, sticky notes, apps – but they were all over the place. That’s when a blogger colleague suggested CoSchedule to me and I couldn’t be happier. 

I used to feel like a slave to social media, always playing catch up trying to post consistently. I felt frustrated that the activities I was doing weren’t moving the needle forward in my blogging business. And after just two weeks using CoSchedule, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. All my actions are finally making sense and producing traction towards my goals. 

I feel like a social media expert and a marketing pro using CoSchedule. It helps me put my best foot forward to grow my blog traffic and make the impact I want to make with The Mompreneur Project. 

Why Coschedule is a tool every blogger needs.
Me, blogging in my home office. Staying organized and focused using CoSchedule.

I’m a one-woman show, so CoSchedule is the most important tool for me as blogger.

Did you just fall in love with CoSchedule, as I did? 

If so, I suggest giving CoSchedule a try with a FREE 14-Day Trial to get started. No credit card or commitment required. If you decide to try, I’d love to hear what you think & how you’re using it.

Please note that this review does contain affiliate links which means that if you decided to try CoSchedule, I will get a small commission or credit towards my CoSchedule account that helps keep my site running. But please know that all of the opinions expressed in this review are my own honest opinion.

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