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Finding the perfect baby products can be confusing and stressful. There are so many products on the market being advertised to mothers as a “necessity” only adding to the confusion. Being a second time mom, I thought I was prepared and had everything I needed to raise my second little girl with ease. Boy, was I wrong. My second daughter at the age of 3 months already has very different preferences than my first, such as which baby carrier she preferred.

Baby wearing my daughter using the MOBY Ring Sling at the children’s museum.

I love to baby wear! There’s nothing better than a warm snugly baby wrapped so close to your body that you can give her sweet kisses as you inhale her amazing baby smell. Finding a baby carrier that was comfortable for both of us was very important and the MOBY Ring Sling did just that. The MOBY Ring Sling comes with a double gauze which is soft and extremely breathable and a cozy chambray. It’s perfect from 8-33 lbs and the one size fits all MOBY Ring Sling also provides multiple positions for baby wearing and is extremely comfortable to use and wear. Being a mom of two under two, baby wearing has become a necessity so I can be hands free to also care for my 22-month-old. I love the MOBY Ring Sling because it allows me to safely and comfortably carry my infant while still taking care of my toddler, doing household chores, or just keeping her close because I love her so much.

Taking a walk using my MOBY Ring Sling.
The MOBY Ring Sling is a great baby carrier choice for baby wearing.
Using breathable fabric, the MOBY Ring Sling is both durable and style.

Before finding my perfect baby carrier in the MOBY Ring Sling, I did try using the structured baby carrier I already had when she was five weeks of age, but she cried as soon I put her in it. She was too young for the structured baby carrier because it forced her legs to open in an uncomfortable position. I then tried the MOBY® Classic Wrap Baby Carrier, but could not for the life of me figure out how to wrap my daughter in it. There was too much fabric to maneuver and I couldn’t figure out how to wrap her securely, which made me feel uncomfortable wearing her. I also wasn’t able to wrap my daughter fast enough when needed. Meaning when my toddler was getting into mischief and my hands were full holding my newborn and I needed to quickly wrap her to tend to my toddler, I couldn’t because the long fabric was too complicated to wrap. I needed something simpler and faster to put on. The MOBY Ring Sling was just perfect for me.

Trying out the MOBY classic wrap before deciding I preferred the MOBY Ring Sling.

Although, I really love the MOBY Ring Sling, it is a wrap that I like to wear in my home to free up my hands to cook or to wear out to church or a BBQ because the fabric complements a nice outfit and it is very breathable in the Florida heat. Now that my daughter is older (currently 4 months as I write this), I am using the structured carrier again, to baby wear when I am working out (she makes a great 16 lb weight). I also prefer wearing it over the ring sling to places where I will have to be more active like my toddler’s gym classes or the playground. The sturdy structure makes me feel more secure in situations where I might have to chase my toddler because if you know anything about toddlers they love to run and usually away from you.

Wearing a more structured baby carrier to exercise with my daughter.

In addition to the MOBY Ring Sling, MOBY has a new carrier called the MOBY Move. It’s a new all position carrier that grows with your child with the minimum of adjustments. Even in the newborn stage, no extra insert is needed! Utilizing lightweight, breathable fabric in a slimmer silhouette, the MOBY Move features just one set of adjustments designed to keep little ones close as they grow. The four position MOBY Move features padded shoulder straps, an adjustment loop for improved fit and an ultra comfortable waist belt and integrated lumbar support. I personally have not tried the MOBY Move, but it seems it would be the perfect structured baby carrier that I could use to exercise and be more active with my two little girls.

The MOBY Move baby carrier is lightweight, uses breathable fabric and grows with your child.

The MOBY baby carriers are made with quality and the needs of mothers in mind. I am very happy I was introduced to the MOBY Ring Sling. My daughter feels comfortable, secure and loves being so close to me. And I love how easy it is to put on! Excellent baby carrier for the baby wearing mama.

Do you baby wear? What baby carrier do you use? Comment below and let me know!



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