An easy and gently “no cry” baby sleep program.

***This blog post is sponsored by Little Ones and I received product to facilitate this review however all opinions are strictly my own. 

Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, there will come a time in your baby’s life when you will consider a sleep program. With so many books and online programs on the market, promising that your baby will sleep through the night by a certain month, it’s hard to choose which one will work best for your baby and your family. 

This month, I had the opportunity to review the Little Ones Baby Sleep program for my 6 month old daughter, Gabriella. 

Improving my baby’s sleep using the Little Ones baby sleep program.

What is the Little Ones Sleep Program: 

Little Ones is an online sleep program that focuses on aligning your baby’s daytime naps at the right times and for the right lengths  to give your baby the best chance at a good overnight sleep. The beauty of this program is the amount of valuable and easy to digest information it gives about infant sleep. It tackles issues such as sleep associations, early waking, sleep regressions, troubleshooting, self-settling methods, and even what to do when you have an infant and a toddler like I do! The program also contains age-appropriate schedules, FAQs and a massive supportive village to improve your baby’s sleep. 

The Little Ones baby sleep program comes with an app and supportive online community.

How Is Little Ones different from other programs?

Little Ones is a more holistic approach to baby sleep. They look at daytime naps, feedings and awake windows as well as night sleep. A lot of other programs or books focus solely on night sleep, or “sleep training” and this is the key point of difference. Little Ones is not sleep training.


I started my daughter, Gabriella on the Little Ones sleep program in early December when she was 5 ½ months. From the very beginning, I saw that the program was working. I followed the 4-6 month age feed-nap schedule and my daughter was on schedule like a textbook. Thanks to Little Ones, I knew that she had an hour and a half wake time between naps and at what time I needed to put her down before she became fussy. Everything was going smoothly, until we went on vacation. 

So what happened on vacation?

That’s a loaded question. More like, what didn’t happen on vacation!

  • It took 8 hours to get to our destination.
  • We arrived very late in the night.
  • Gabriella missed many scheduled naps.
  • Stayed up way past her bedtime every night.
  • She co-slept with us (which is something she has never done and we never do as parents!)
  • Met many new family members.
  • Experienced a lot of over stimulation with family celebrations.
  • She is teething.
  • She learned how to crawl and sit up on her own!
  • Finally, she turned 6 months.
We were able to reintroduce our 6 month old to her Little Ones sleep schedule despite being on vacation for two weeks and getting a nasty cold.

How did Little Ones Sleep Program help?

One word, troubleshooting. This program, has a solution for every problem that may come up while working toward getting your little one to sleep better. During our holiday, Gabriella got use to certain sleep associations such as being rocked to sleep and co-sleeping and she returned home with a nasty cold. Her schedule was completely out of whack. As I am writing this review, we have been home for only a week and I have been able to re-introduce the 6-8 month sleep schedule to Gabriella with some success. Being sick, has made her more clingy and wanting more comfort, but she is showing signs of sleepiness at the correct times as the sleep scheduled guides. 

Although, our travelling has messed up my baby’s sleep, as a mother I feel totally confident that my daughter will get back on track soon. The Little Ones Sleep program is so easy to understand and follow and gives the tools to successful get your baby to take better naps and sleep well overnight. 

Be on the lookout in a few weeks for an update on how our experience is going. 

My 6 month old learned how to crawl, sit up on her own, and pull herself up. All of these milestones are affecting her sleep but Little Ones baby sleep program has solutions to troubleshoot these problems.

Final thoughts:

As a whole, I really like the Little Ones sleep program. There is no one program that can completely resolve every single issue that you and your baby may come across during your sleep journey, but Little Ones comes pretty close. It is the first program that I have come across that allows me to do what I naturally feel is right as a mother.

With my first daughter, I’ve tried other methods, which discouraged me from picking up my daughter when she would cry and instead encouraged me to let her cry herself to sleep. I’ve also tried every three hours EAT-PLAY-SLEEP routine that didn’t feel natural to what my baby wanted to do which was WAKE-EAT-PLAY-EAT-SLEEP. Regardless, the Little Ones program encouraged me to do what feels right for me as the mother and what best soothes my daughter by providing several different self-settling options. This time around, I am more experienced and confident in trusting my maternal instincts. My 6 month old likes to be nursed and held to sleep, and I love giving her that comfort. The Little Ones online programs lists that as one of the self-settling methods. 

The Little Ones Sleep Program is by far the most cost effective professionally guided program, I’ve found that provides maximum support for its customers. The company itself is founded and operated by mothers just like you and me, so they get it. They have a lot of compassion and understanding for what we’re going through. 

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I’d love to hear about your sleep journey with your little one. Comment below with your thoughts and questions. 

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