As a work from home mom or a WAHM, as it is popularly known, many would assume I have the best of both worlds. I am able to wake up late, work in my pajamas, and play with my kids when ever I want to. Truthfully, you are right.

I do love the flexibility working from home brings. I do love that I am present for my kids when they need me and do not have to miss out on watching them grow up right before my eyes. Most importantly, I love the fact that I am finally using my degrees and doing something that I genuinely love from the comfort of my home, but working from home does have it’s challenges.

Being a full time work from home mom is HARD! Actually the word hard doesn’t even do it justice. It is damn near impossible. Some days I feel more like a snack cook more than anything else. Trying to schedule conference calls are impossible with a baby who isn’t on a nap schedule yet. And trying to separate work from play when your toddler wakes up early from her nap and you still have work to do, but she gives you the “play with me” look – what is a mom to do? These are just a few of the challenges I face on a daily, but I’ve started putting into practice three hacks that has increased my productivity.

Working from home.

Here are my top 3 productivity hacks for working for working from home mom!

  1. Prepare them. Little ones like predictability; make sure to talk with them the night before what is expected of them when mommy logs into work. Spend a few minutes during bed time discussing the next day plans and what mommy needs to accomplish in order to do the fun stuff with them. If your little ones are under two like mine, still have the conversation, toddlers understand more than we give them credit for.
  2. Have Distractions Handy. Having little activities ready for them when you need to focus is key. Art projects, busy boxes or busy bags, letter and number activity books, and puzzles. Utilize Pinterest. Keeping them busy is super beneficial and will allow for less interruptions. Every week introduce something new to keep it fresh and exciting and worry about the mess later.
  3. Ask for help. When all else fails but that deadline is still approaching asking for help is your best option. You can hire an assistant or get an intern and enlist their help when the day is just not going as planned. Also if I just can’t get anything done during the day because of unfavorable circumstances, I wait until the evening and ask my husband for help so I can work. Put your pride aside, you are not superwoman, ask for help.

So while working from home while parenting isn’t easy, it is still the path I am happy I took. At the end of a very long day, I am proud at what I have been able to accomplish as a mom of two beautiful girls and an online business owner. I love the quiet early mornings or late nights, when it is just me and my coffee, the blaring computer screen, and my creativity, until one of my little one starts crying for “mama”. That’s my cue to power everything off. I take off my mom boss hat and I become just mom. My most proudest label. Mom.