Saving and getting the best prices on your next shopping trip is more important now than ever. Rewards programs are a great perk that helps you save money and offer freebies for shopping at your favorite stores more often. If you choose just two or three loyalty programs and stick with them for the majority of your shopping needs, you can see big perks for your regular patronage. 

How to find the best prices on your next shopping trip.

It might be tempting to immediately turn down an offer to sign-up for a rewards program for fear that it’s nothing more than another name for a high-interest credit card. But it is not the same thing. Instead of charging you interest on your purchases like credit cards do, rewards programs allow you to gather points as you make purchases in a particular store. Once you reach a certain spending threshold, you receive a reward in return.

How To Get The Best Prices At Kohl’s 

How to find the best prices shopping at department stores.
Find the best prices at department stores this spring.

Sign up for email and text alerts. You’ll save 15% by signing up for email or mobile app alerts—sign up for both and get two different coupons. Always aim for Kohl’s cash.

There are frequent promotions where you can earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent.  

Download the Kohl’s app. Join the Yes2You Rewards Program This is free to join and gives you $5 for every $100 you spend. You can redeem these dollars on anything at Kohl’s. There are also extra discount offers, a birthday gift, plus watch for a special offer in your e-mail every Monday.  These rewards can be stacked with all current coupons and Kohl’s Cash. Kohl’s will match competitors’ prices

How To Get The Best Prices On Your Next Shopping Trip At ALDI

The best time to shop this section is either Wednesday or Sunday morning, depending on your store, that’s right after they restock the section. Be quick about it; items sell out fast. ALDI’s Little Journey diapers and wipes are both hypoallergenic and super cheap. ALDI’s amazing “Twice as Nice Guarantee” gives you a refund and a replacement for any ALDI-branded product you didn’t like. ALDI starts to discount baked goods 5 days before they expire. Look for 50% off markdowns in the bakery two days before the expiration date. Get seasonal products for up to 30% less than competitors. 

How to find the best prices shopping at the supermarket.

How To Get The Prices On Your Next Shopping Trip At Walmart

You can save a bundle if you’re willing to shop for the Walmart store brands. Their Great Value products in the grocery section are offered on just about everything. Make sure to check out all the store clearance. Some of the best Walmart deals are a few aisles located all over the store with clearance items.  This makes for some great deals on household items, grocery items, and school supplies and tons more!

How to find the best deals on your next shopping trip.

Saving, spending wisely, searching for the best deals, and looking for opportunities to earn extra money from home are great proactive ways to stay financially in control during this time.