Warmer days are fast approaching and it has me thinking about the beach, fruity smoothies, and sunshine tanning my skin. Being a Florida transplant by way of New York, I absolutely love the beach. So I am ready. Or so I thought until I looked at my bikini drawer…yes I have a whole dresser drawer devoted to swimwear…I realized I was not ready. I did not have one single swimsuit that would fit my now 26-week pregnant body. Not one! This kinda hurt because I was able to wear all my bikinis during the entirety of my first pregnancy, which signifies I have gained a lot of weight this time around. Flip side: this was the perfect opportunity for mama to go shopping! Win!by

So how do you find the perfect swimsuit for your body and growing baby bump?

Well, I started by consulting with Google. I searched for maternity swimsuits to see what styles are in season, researched how it should fit, and located stores near me that sell maternity bathing suits in store. A maternity bathing suit is one of those clothing items that I do not recommend ordering online unless you are 100% sure of your size.
After I did my research, I headed out on my shopping adventure.

Here are my top 5 tips on finding the perfect maternity swimsuit.

  1. Stick to your personal style – You know what you like. You know what you feel good in. Stick to that. Do not change up your style because you are pregnant. Instead, embrace that big beautiful belly and show it off! Let it get some sun if you are into bikinis. If you are into tankinis, stick with those. Point is, pregnant or not, you will always feel your best when you choose a swimsuit that screams you!
  2. Go for support – They say it takes a village to raise a child..well same goes for your tatas. Raise ’em up! Choose a halter style that can wrap around your neck and adjust, so your bust is lifted, taking some of the pressure off your back from leaning forward. Also, a halter style will make your bust say “Hello!”.
  3. No low rise bottoms – Make sure your swimsuit bottoms fit comfortably under your belly, slightly higher in the back and isn’t too tight. Also, make sure the waist is elastic for more comfort.
  4. Choose a tankini – Do you go to the bathroom often? The answer is probably yes since you are pregnant. A tankini is the best way to go (in my opinion) to make going to the restroom easier. Let’s be real for a minute, there is nothing worse than trying to squat over a public restroom pregnant, the last thing you need is the try to maneuver a one-piece maternity swimsuit.
  5. Bring a friend – Take along mom, sis, or your bestie to help you choose the perfect style for you. I took with my toddler with me, aka my mini best friend. She “held” my swimsuits as I tried them on, which really means she chewed on the hangers. #toddlerlife For an adult opinion, I asked the sales associate to help me. That’s what they are there for, right?
I narrowed my choices down to my 3 favorite swimsuits! Which one would you wear? 

Winner! I went with the Ruffled Cross Front Maternity Tankini in pink from Motherhood Maternity for reason #4. It is stylish, yet conservative only showing a little cleavage, and very comfortable. 

Fit Tip: Shop in your second trimester around the 5th or 6th month. You will be showing enough to know how comfortable you will be in certain styles.

If you have your own tips on choosing a swimsuit, please share with me. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Peace & love,