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Working from home is very rewarding. I love being able to earn money while being home with my children. It was a big goal of mine when I started working from home three years ago.

But no one told me how hard it would be once my girls became curious and mobile! I am a mom of an 11-month-old and a 2.5 year old, and we had a great system down pact! Our schedule was filled with social/play time, preschool activities, and naps timed perfectly so I was able to work a few hours a day. Then the stay at home order when into effect.

In the light of the country’s current situation, staying at home has left my toddler more restless thus more mischievous. At the same time, my 11-month-old started walking and is very excited and curious about her new freedom. Both my girls get into everything and my office is no longer my safe zen workspace. 

How to child proof your home office.
My mini coworker playing with her sticker book in my home office before I child proofed my office.

As our world changes more and more mothers find themselves in this situation. With this new normal of sharing space with young children, it is important to keep little ones safe by childproofing. So how do you child proof your home office?

11 Ways To Child Proof Your Home Office

  • Audit Your Work Space: First thing you want to do is take a look around your work space or office. Look for all the things that could cause potential danger to your curious child. Get down on all fours and start crawling around. Young children love to put small objects in their mouth, put their fingers in things, push and pull and explore. Pretend you are your child and find all the little objects, the electrical outlets, the sharp objects and the cords that could hurt your little one. Make note of that.
  • Secure Bookshelves and Large Furniture: Invest in furniture straps to attach bookshelves, storage pieces and desks that can be tipped. Little ones turn into Spiderman when it comes to climbing and grabbing with their sticky fingers. When organizing books on the bookshelf, put the largest and heaviest books on the bottom shelf and the light paperback books.
How to child proof your home office.
Child proof your bookshelf by attaching it to the wall and making sure the largest and heaviest books are at the bottom shelf.
  • Cover Outlets: For any empty outlets, grab some outlet caps and cover them up. Use an outlet cover box to avoid exposed outlets should something come unplugged. Be sure to keep charging plugs out of reach. Putting electronics out of reach of children can reduce the risk of kids getting hurt or damaging expensive equipment.  

Child Proof With Door Stoppers

  • Door Stoppers and Finger Guards: If you have those older metal springs attached to your door or baseboards, they usually contain a little rubber stopper at the end to protect the door or wall.  My little one grabs it all the time, and it usually pops right off and is a choking hazard. Get some hinge door stoppers instead.  Also use finger guards to protect your little ones from slamming the door on their tiny fingers. 
Protect little fingers by using a finger guard on the door.
  • Lock Up Small Sharp Objects: Keep all small items off your desk and lock up sharp ones such as scissors. Anything that can fit in a toilet paper roll is a danger. Use the small object tester to determine if an object is a potential choking hazard. Place the item you are questioning into the small parts tester. If the lid is able to fully close then it is considered a small part and could pose a choking hazard.
  • Cover sharp corners: If you have a sharp desk or other furniture in your work space use rubber corner pads.
How to child proof your home office.
  • Door Knobs: If you have a closet, add a door knob cover so that your little one doesn’t discover how to open doors and have things fall on them. 
  • Use A Playpen: If your little one is still small enough and not mobile yet, I highly recommend using a play pen also known as “baby jail” to keep your little one in one place playing while you work. This can be an exersaucer, bouncer, or a GoPod activity seat. 

Don’t forget to child proof the windows!

  • Windows: If your windows have curtains, make sure it is attached to a strong curtain rod. Any cords should be wrapped up or anchored on the wall to prevent strangling. Also make sure there are screens in your window and depending on what floor your home office is (house vs. apartment) make sure there are window guard rails installed. 
  • Unplug The Shredder: Shredders scare me. I instantly think of little fingers or hair getting caught. The image alone is too much. If your office has a shredder, please unplug it. 
Organize your wires and cords. Unplug your shredder for safety.
  • Hide Away Important Documents: Speaking of the shredder, put away all your important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, and legal documents. You do not want these to end up in the shredder. 

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Whether you have a dedicated work space, have converted a spare bedroom into an office, or work from the kitchen table, child proofing is important to keep your little ones safe thus creating a sense of peace so you can work. Good luck child proofing!

Where are you currently working from home? How are you creating a safe space for your children? 

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