Before having my daughter, I had no idea who or what Melissa & Doug were. Absolutely none! Now I’ve become one of their biggest fans. The Melissa and Doug See & Spell Learning Toy is my daughter’s favorite toy right now. She wakes up everyday asking to play with “Letter B” as she calls it every single day several times a day. It is the cutest thing.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Spelling Board

When I purchased these See & Spell wooden spelling boards, I first thought they were super cute but would be too advanced for her. My intention was to start teaching her the alphabet, to recognize letters, to spell words, and also to help with her focus and hand eye coordination. In less than two months of consistent puzzle play, my daughter can now spell every word on the abc wooden boards! My husband and I are blown away at how quickly she learned her letters and where to actually place the letters in the puzzle. She has become obsessed with puzzles! I literally bought two more Melissa and Doug puzzles this week. I love my little girl and I love that she loves to learn. Sheโ€™s my little nerd in the making! #soproud

My daughter playing with her Melissa & Doug Spelling Board.

Now I must add that I am not an affiliate of Melissa and Doug. I am not paid to write this blog post or endorse this product from Melissa and Doug. I saw my daughter had a genuine interest in puzzles, purchased the See & Spell Learning Toy, and let her play and explore independently and she has become very confident when we practice the alphabet. But with anything, nothing is perfect. There is one flaw with this product. What do you think that could be?

My toddler focusing on her Melissa & Doug See & Spell Spelling Board


  1. The big bright images on the vocabulary picture boards, such as bear, duck, dog, and cow make her interested in playing with it everyday.
  2. The colorful letters make it easier for her to differentiate between the letters.
  3. The wooden puzzle design is sturdy enough that she cannot ruin it even when she puts the pieces in her mouth.
  4. All the spelling words are only 3 or 4 letters long teaching her how to spell simple first words.
  5. She focuses on this puzzle long enough where I do not have to rely on screen time as much.


  1. The letters are really small for her 18 month old hands to coordinate sometimes. Keep in mind, the See & Spell is designed for children 4+, so I knew this product may have been more advanced for her when I bought it, but it just ended up challenging her more. She sometimes gets frustrated when she cannot fit the right letter into the right puzzle spot fast enough because of the size of the letters pieces, but I also have a very impatient child. I would not let this discourage you from this amazing learning tool.

Overall review: Love the toy and love how my daughter has responded to it. We use the Melissa and Doug See & Spell Learning Toy every single day throughout the day for a few minutes at a time, a toddlerโ€™s attention span is only but so long, and she has been able to learn how to spell in just a few weeks.

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