This year I took a big leap of courage and joined a gym! During those first few gym visits, I would always forget to pack my gym bag essentials. As a huge advocate for at-home workouts, I never pictured myself in the gym until I had my second child. 

Trying to work out at home with a toddler and an infant was difficult. Being a work from home mom with no adult interaction unless I was at my daughters’ playgroups was even harder. 

Gym bag essentials
11 Gym Bag Essentials You Need For The Perfect Trip To The Gym.

I needed that social interaction with other adults where I did not talk about my little ones. A hobby or fun activity that was selfishly mine. That’s what the gym is for me. An hour to myself to workout, think and get things done. 

Pack Your Gym Bag The Right Way For Your Fitness Class

My first time at the gym was a great experience. I decided to join fitness classes. I tried Zumba, cycling, and spin classes all in the same week. It was exhilarating and a great way to meet new friends. 

Some days when my coffee wasn’t strong enough and I was in zombie mode, I would force myself to go to the gym to build this new positive lifestyle habit.

Instead of taking a class, I would enjoy 30 minutes of weight lifting following my trainer in my weightlifting program on my workout streaming service.

gym bag essentials
Pack The Perfect Gym Bag Every Time.

Pack the right things in your gym bag so you do not look like a newbie. 

During those first few gym visits, I would always forget to pack something in my gym bag. Or I realized how useful a specific item would be to bring with me to the gym. As a gym newbie, I learned through trial and error what my top gym bag essentials are. 

By knowing what gym bag essentials to pack, you can go confidently into your workouts knowing you have everything you need for before and after your workout.

I’ve compiled a simple list of things you need in your gym bag. Whether you are a newbie like myself or have been at this for a while, this quick guide will have you feeling pumped and prepared for your next gym session. 

gym bag essentials
Ready to blend my protein shake after a great workout.

Here are my 11 workout essentials

Please note: This list is my recommendation as a stay at home mom. I leave my house in my gym clothes and sneakers, so I do not need to pack gym clothes. I also usually go straight home after the gym unless I am going to a playgroup for my girls, so I do not pack shower items. 

Reusable Water bottle: Staying hydrated during your workout is very important. Drinking the right amount of water throughout your day will also aid in faster weight loss. I recommend a reusable water bottle because it is better for the environment, you can refill often, and the water tends to stay colder longer. 

gym bag essentials
My gym bag essentials.

Wireless Headphones: Motivating music and quality headphones, can make a huge difference in whether you have a good workout or not. You can also be super productive and listen to podcasts or audio books while working out. You can check out my favorite books and podcasts here! 

Protein Shake or Recovery Drink: When training, the best time to take protein is right after your workout. You can pack packets of your favorite vegan super foods and blend right at the gym. 

Snack: One of the best ways to fuel your body post-workout is by eating a healthy snack. I suggest bringing packing a protein bar, cashews, or your favorite fruits to keep your blood sugar in check and help speed up the healing process.

Portable Blender: I do not go to the gym without my quiet portable blender.  I prefer blending versus shaking in a shaker bottle because it eliminates the powder clumps and mixes the protein powder better so my shake tastes delicious and creamy and not chalky. 

gym bag essentials
Portable blender and weight lifting gloves are must haves for your gym bag.

The fitness equipment you need

Weight Lifting Gloves: If you like to lift weights, it is good to pack weight lifting gloves to protect your hands from developing calluses. As a mom we do a lot with our hands, changing diapers, washing dishes, cleaning, so taking the extra step to protect our hands when lifting will keep them looking beautiful. 

gym bag essentials
Using my LetsFit mini resistance bands to challenge my legs on the Stairmaster.

Resistance bands: I love using mini resistance bands (aka booty bands) to intensify workouts by targeting specific muscles such as my booty or shoulders. It is a good idea to bring your own because gyms do not provide this type of equipment. Plus for sanitary purposes, it is nice to use your own. 

Waist trimmer: I like to use a waist trimmer belt to help me sweat more in my midsection for faster results to shrink my belly. It is comfortable and helps me sweat! 

gym bag essentials
Shrinking my waist with my sweet sweat belt.

Deodorant: This one is pretty obvious. Best way to keep body odor under control, use deodorant or deodorant wipes. Although I do not shower at the gym, I do bring my deodorant so I am fresh post-workout session to meet up with my mom friends for play dates. 

Fitness Tracker or SmartWatch: Packing my smartwatch or fitness tracker has been a game-changer for me. I am more prone to make smarter choices and care more about movement because I am now tracking it. It also tells me about my quality of sleep, how much oxygen I am getting, the weather, and even has a GPS built-in. My fitness tracker keeps me focused to reach my fitness goals making it one of my top gym bag essentials.

gym bag essentials
Tracking my time using my LetsFit Smartwatch.

Smartphone: A smartphone is a good idea to take pictures of yourself for your progress. Whether you share them or not, it’s good to capture those subtle changes you won’t see right away in the mirror. Also, if you work from home like myself, you may come up with new ideas during your workout. Taking notes on your smartphone AFTER your workout will help you keep tracking of those million-dollar business ideas. 

Bonus gym bag essential

Mini Tripod: If you are going to use a phone to take pictures and track your progress, carrying a mini tripod will be helpful to take those perfect pictures. 

So now that you’ve seen what’s in my gym bag, what do you put in your gym bag? 

If you have other ideas to add, comment below! 

gym bag essentials
A Beginner’s Guide To The Perfect Gym Bag

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