One of my greatest joys I have as a mother is giving my baby the type of early education I did not receive growing up.
It warms my heart and sometimes brings tears to my eyes to watch her light up when she learns and experience new things, to see her express and assert herself around other children and to simply hear her innocent joyous laughter because she is having so much fun being a baby….I’m grateful for all of it.
I thank God that I am in a position to create my own schedule. It’s a dream come true to be able to be here for my little one in this way. I never imagined a life where I didn’t work for anyone else. It wasn’t anything I knew could happen for someone like me, coming from where I came from, knowing the people I knew growing up. I just assumed I would work, pay bills, be stress and retire like every adult I knew. I didn’t know what opportunities were really out there.

Growing up both my parents worked full time. They worked so hard to provide for my siblings and me but could not be there to volunteer for class trips or be a homeroom parent. But their hard work is part of why I am where I am today. They encouraged my ambitious nature as a kid and that same ambition gave me the courage to live life a little differently. My choice to listen to my feeling instead of what was more sensible and secure has set me apart and give me the freedom to define life on my own terms. And one of my biggest highlights, crazy as it sounds because I didn’t imagine myself being this type of mother, is being able to stay at home with my daughter, be her best friend, and watch her flourish into her own strong-willed independent little girl. For that I am grateful. 
I pray that God helps me to live up to the great expectations of being an amazing mother to this precious gift. 
To the little girl who stole my heart, I love you!
– Mommy 

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