Can you imagine a stress free summer, where you are enjoying a vacation or time with your family while your business is practically running itself without worrying where your next paycheck would come from?

Well, I cannot promise that you won’t worry about your next paycheck, but I can share with you my top 6 tips on how to work smarter and not harder this summer, by getting more done by doing less!

The Mompreneur Project Podcast, Episode 4, Get More Done By Doing Less
Episode #4 – Get More Done, By Doing Less
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It is hard being a mother. It is even harder being a mother running an at home business or trying to start a business, but it isn’t impossible. If you suffer from Restless Mom Syndrome, as many entrepreneurs do, you may find yourself running yourself ragged trying to do all the things by yourself. You are working nonstop trying to build your dream and are probably working harder than needed to get the same results.

In this episode, I will share my top six actionable things to do to help you work less (basically work smarter) and not harder so you can actually enjoy some time freedom, which is why you became a entrepreneur to begin with, right? *wink*

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