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I am in a time of my life where I am exploring new career options, and that can be scary especially because all of my moves have to properly executed. I have a husband and three kids, which means my faults should not impact my family in a way that we cannot relapse from. Since I am still trying to figure out the best way to manage my time with work, business and family. I do not have the time to think about everything before I fully get into it. The amazing part about this workbook is that it forces you to think about some things that you probably would have overlooked or did not think to ask yourself. Also, putting your mind in the right space to then evaluate if the concepts works, or there is something better that I can be done. I am so happy to received this and hope that it does for you what it has done for me and even more.
Taisha Lubin
QA Engineer Freelancer

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Hiya! I’m Nicole, a New Yorker turned sunshine-loving Floridian mama of two. I’ve swapped skyscrapers for palm trees and created a thriving freelance business in content and copywriting – all from the comfort of my own home. Why? So I can raise my adorable kids without putting my career dreams on hold.

I’m a firm believer that motherhood shouldn’t put a cap on your earning potential, and making money shouldn’t mean missing out on those priceless moments with your little ones.

So, if you’re looking to turn your natural talents into a profitable freelancing gig that lets you call the shots, you’re in the right place. Stick around and let’s make some magic (and money) happen! 😊

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