About The Mompreneur Project

Welcome to The Mompreneur Project, a lifestyle blog delivering inspiration and how tos to help more stay-at-home mothers make money from home. I share articles on how to balance mom life, productivity, blogging, easy ways to incorporate a wellness routine for the mind, body, and soul, and everything in between. At The Mompreneur project, we are obsessed with books and podcasts, so expect many “Best Of” lists. In a nutshell, The Mompreneur Project is a place where I share my journey as an mom entrepreneur with the hope to educate and inspire more stay-at-home moms so they can find purpose, generate an income doing something they love, being the mom they’ve always wanted to be unapologetically.

What is The Mompreneur Project?

The Mompreneur Project is for the mother who desperately desires to work from home to be with her little ones, but also wants to feel empowered by being able to financial contribute to her household. It is for the stay at home mom who is looking for a purpose other than being a mom. Although she knows being the mom is one of the highest purposes God gave women, most days she wants to contribute to society more. It is also for the mother who wants to be the breadwinner in her family and be unapologetic about her big ambitions goals. Lastly, it is for the mother who wants to feel financial secure by earning her own income. The Mompreneur Project is for all mothers who ever wanted to earn some extra money for themselves, for their family, for their freedom. This site is here to inspire you to take bold steps toward your work from home dreams. It is here to help you stay mentally and physically fit as you enter the mompreneur community. And lastly, this site is here to start a conversation and foster a community for strong ambitious mothers who want to make money. Point blank. 

Who is The Mompreneur Project?

Hi! I’m Nicole Vasco, the founder of The Mompreneur Project. I am a wife and mother to two and a dog mom to one sweet mini schnauzer. I’m a freedom loving sagittarius, an outgoing introvert, a bookworm, forever student, beach lover, New Yorker turned Floridian that absolutely loves being a mom and also loves being a blogger. 

A publicist by trade, I took a major career leap to focus my efforts on ways to earn money from home. I’ve tried many things from networking marketing to selling clothes online to teaching ESL. My desire to be a stay at home mom made me become very creative in earning income. Remember the mom I described earlier… I was her. I am her. And the more mothers I spoke to, I realized I was not alone in my feelings. That is how The Mompreneur Project was born! When not typing on my laptop, you can find me curled up with a book and a nice glass of red or hanging out with my family. 

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