Most people don’t look forward to going on a diet. Real talk, dieting is never fun, it’s often too restrictive or requires more planning than you have time for. I get it. I am not a fan of diets either which is why I like to use the term “lifestyle”. By calling it a lifestyle, it’s already less restrictive and more doable, and takes away any fear of failing from the equation. But when everyone is so focused on losing weight or improving their health, there’s always at least one famous diet going on at a time that may influence your decision. So how are you suppose to choose?

As I begin to get ready to start my post-partum nutrition plan, I’ve been researching which lifestyle will be right for me. Check out how I lost my baby weight from my first pregnancy using a simple to follow meal plan and a positive mindset. A lot of these trendy diets turn out to be unhealthy, which explains why so many people are afraid to try them or any at all. While different dietary lifestyles may get a bad rap, some of them are better than others. A paleo diet is one of the few that might be great for your overall health.

Post-partum weight loss program.

What is a paleo diet?

Some diets have so many rules that you carve out a lot of time to make them work. The paleo diet might require you to throw away a lot of the food you already have at home, but the rules are simple. This diet tries to mimic the diet of what hunter-gatherers would have eaten. The paleo diet involves eating as many whole foods as you can. An easier way of looking at it is that it tries to cut out most processed foods. Many people have already started growing wary of processed foods, and the paleo diet allows you to take conscious steps to remove them from your diet. Making paleo meals can be easy and inexpensive, so you still have enough to save for things like your dream cozy Vancouver home.

What are the health benefits?

The paleo diet has many suspected health benefits. A major cause for these health benefits is avoiding some of the ingredients and additives that are found in processed foods. This includes things like trans fats and artificial sweeteners. Like with most diets, many chose the paleo diet to try and lose some weight. Still, the paleo diet isn’t right for everyone and has some flaws with the food groups it excludes. Whenever anyone is trying to lose weight, it’s typically recommended that they try to cut out at least some processed foods. In addition, it may also help lower blood sugar and treats inflammation. The paleo diet is also thought to prevent type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity with a low-carb diet.

Ready to try out the paleo diet for yourself? Here is a 7 day meal plan for you to try out for a week and see if it is for you!

Paleo meals

Day 1

  • Breakfast – Hard-boiled eggs and fruit
  • Lunch – Tuna sandwich on a lettuce wrap
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken with vegetables
Eggs and vegetables make a delicious healthy breakfast.

Day 2

  • Breakfast – Bacon and fried eggs
  • Lunch – Salad with leftover chicken dressed with olive oil
  • Dinner – Spaghetti squash and roasted chicken

Day 3

  • Breakfast Spinach, banana, and blueberry smoothie using your portable blender if you are on the go
  • Lunch – Leftover chicken and salad
  • Dinner – Grilled salmon and asparagus
Grilled salmon and asparagus

Day 4

  • Breakfast – Leftover salmon and a piece of fruit
  • Lunch – Grilled chicken and asparagus
  • Dinner – Grilled steak with peppers, and onions

Day 5

  • Breakfast – Broccoli and scrambled eggs
  • Lunch – Zucchini with leftover chicken
  • Dinner – Squash and leek soup
Grilled steak and vegetables

Day 6

  • Breakfast – Sausage and poached eggs
  • Lunch – Leftover soup and salad
  • Dinner – Grilled shrimp and vegetables

Day 7

  • Breakfast – bananas and almonds
  • Lunch – Hard boiled eggs and salad
  • Dinner – Hamburger on a lettuce wrap and grilled vegetables

I love this 7 day paleo diet meal plan for how simple it is. This meal plan doesn’t use any elaborate recipes which means less variety in groceries, less time in the kitchen cooking, and less dishes to wash, which I can totally get behind! If you would like more ideas on paleo diet recipes or other healthy weight loss meals, I highly recommend my favorite cookbook SkinnyTaste.

Lets me know your thoughts on this meal plan! If you have other diets that have worked for you, please share.

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