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Welcome to the best year of your life! With the beginning of the new year, you are seeing things with fresh hopeful and positive eyes. This is your year to finally make serious changes in your life to achieve those big goals you are always talking about. Whether those goals are to lose weight, eat better, spend less time on social media, pay off debt, or earn more money, this year can be your year to achieve those things if you give up these five things. 

5 things you need to get rid of in 2020.

Get rid of the Feeling of “Not Feeling Ready”

I did not feel ready when…

When I left New York.

When I started Beachbody.

When I left my corporate job.

When I got pregnant the 1st time. 

When I got pregnant the 2nd time. 

When I invested in my 1st online course.

When I became my own boss.

When I started my blog.

When I hired my first two interns.

When I hired my first life coach.

When I moved to Tampa.

When we moved back to South Florida.

I didn’t feel ready for a single one of these moments and they all profoundly impacted my life in the best ways. Many of them completely changed the trajectory of my life. I am so grateful for these experiences, but I wouldn’t be where I am now if I let the feeling of not feeling ready keep me from even trying. 

YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO FEEL READY. That doesn’t mean are you not ready. 

And there are no rewards for those who wait. Only costs, losses, and huge REGRETS. Instead you will have lost the precious time and energy that you’ll never get back.  You may be burdened with regret of never going after what you truly want. And that’s not how we want to end our year.


What actions will you take in 2020 – even though you don’t feel ready?

Create the life you want.

Get rid of Imposter Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is a fancy psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. This is often something perfectionist suffer from. As an openly admitted perfectionist, I battle with this often. 

This year we are no longer going to believe that voice in our head that tells us we aren’t good enough. We are going to use our intelligence and rationale instead of our emotions. This is a good time to place value on your brain and not your heart.

If you have 1 blog post you are a blogger.

If you have 1 follower you are an influencer.

If you have 1 video you are a YouTuber.

If you have 1 podcast, you are a podcaster.

If you have 1 client, you are a business owner. 

Claim your titles NOW. Speak out loud who you are every single day, write it down, put up sticky notes, do what you have to do for that daily reminder of who you are. 

I am a successful blogger. I claim that! 

Get rid of the  guilt of balancing Mom Life and Work Life 

You are a great mother. You are a great business owner. You can be both. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot be. Do not let your own doubts play tricks on your mind. You can be both. And you do not have to be a celebrity with tons of help to do so.

This work life balance everyone talks about isn’t impossible. For mompreneurs, it’s more of a juggling act and it’s one that we do very well. But this year, we are going to stop juggling and start working from a place of intentional focus. From experience if you keep juggling, you will eventually drop a few balls. Some of those balls may be a tiny typo in a social media post or it could be a major ball like forgetting to pick your little one up from daycare! At some point, as your business and responsibilities grow (because it will – you are destined for success), the juggling will become too much to handle. This may cause extreme mom guilt, huge doubts in your business and eventually you will become unaligned with your passions, mission, or goals. I’ve been there and done that and I do not want that for you. It’s time for a mindset shift.

You can be good at both without too many sacrifices. Many entrepreneurs will tell you to hustle hustle hustle but I’m experimenting with a theory of getting more done by doing less. Doing more focused intentional work instead of trying to do it all. For me that means, I put my phone away as much as can when my girls are awake. I enjoy the time I am home with them because that’s why I chose to be a stay at home mom. When I sit down to work, I work from my to do list and I start with the actions that will bring me closer to my goal. 

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you aren’t good at what you are doing. Embrace the struggles. Love your work but also love the season you are in staying home with your little ones. Like everything in life, its a season and this too shall pass. 

5 Things you need to get rid of in 2020 for the best year of your life.

Get rid of people pleasing

This one is quite simple and advice I need to tell myself often. You cannot please everyone. There will always be someone who is not happy with what you write, what you posted, what you said, the decisions you make for your life, etc. And that’s their business, not yours. Who cares what they think. It matters what you think. Are you happy with your decisions? When you make decisions based on what people will think or trying to please them, you will spend precious energy not being authentic to yourself. Lack of authenticity eventually affects the bottom line of your goal because if you aren’t authentic in who you are, you won’t make decisions that best serve you. This saying is an oldie, but a goodie, “People’s opinions do not pay my bills.” Remind yourself of that daily and keep taking fearless action. 

Get rid of “Super mom” Complex

Mother relaxing after a long day of being an entrepreneur.

Raise your hand if you are a super mom? I love being a mom and I mom hard! Proudly. With that, I do struggle with letting go and delegating tasks. I am guilty of trying to do it all by myself and I’ve realized I can’t continue on this path or I will burn out and hate what I am doing. Does this resonate with you? You should not have to do it all yourself. We all need help. We all need support. We all need to take rest days and relax. I did a good job last with asking for help. This year I am taking it up a notch, and delegating more to the supportive people around me, so I can only do the things I am good at. How about you?

This year is your year to make those big moves I know you can make. Which things do you need to get rid of the most? Do you have anything to add to this list? 

Let me know by leaving me a message below. 

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