5 Things Productive Moms Do Before 10am

The coveted productive mom. This mom has been up since 4 am, has worked 3 hours on her business, worked out, made breakfast and lunches for everyone in her family, walks the dog, and even has time to volunteer at her local homeless shelter all before the kids wake up! Does this super mom really exist? I don’t know but if you find her let me know so I can interview her.

We’ve all read articles on the top 5 or top 10 things successful entrepreneurs do in the morning. Some of us have stressed ourselves out trying to do all these things. Our goals and ambition to be successful in our endeavors will make us try anything to get there. After doing some research myself, I came up with a list that works for me. Doing these 5 things every morning has positively shaped my day allowing me to better love on my girls, be a better wife, and be more focused and productive during my business hours.

Here are my top 5 things productive moms do before 10 am:

They Workout Before The Kids Wake Up

Productive moms work out before their children wake up.

Now I am really in the camp of ‘fit it in’ wherever you can, whether that is during your little ones nap time, after they go to bed, but over the years I’ve found the most success in actually getting my 30 minute workouts done with focus and no distractions is early in the morning before the sun is up. And now that babies have been added to the equation, if I miss my morning workout there is no telling how the day will really play out and the chances of that workout happening is slim to none. So if you could wake up 30 minutes earlier, I recommend working out in the morning. It really sets a positive tone for your day.

They Strengthen Their Mindset

Productive moms make time to pray, journal, or quiet their mind with meditation.

Starting your off morning with prayer, affirmations or meditation is great for preparing your mind and heart for the day to come. It helps align yourself with your goals, your mission, and the person you want to be today. I like to start my mornings with a devotional from one of the many bible plans from the Bible Verse app.

I ask that He shows me the way every morning and to put my trust and faith in Him that he knows what is best for me. Doing this has removed so much stress and anxiety from my life because I no longer try to control every aspect of my day.

They Carve Out Time For Themselves

Productive moms carve out quiet time for themselves.

Another bonus of exercising before the sun is up is the extra quiet time you have after your workout just to yourself. If you plan it right and use an at home streaming service for quick easy access to your workouts, you can save yourself valuable time and enjoy a real shower, a HOT cup of coffee and a few minutes of quiet time. This time is important. We live in a loud world, always consuming information and knowledge. Our momager hats are always on making sure everyone in our families are ok. So taking a few minutes every morning to just sit in quiet sipping tea or coffee is needed mama.

They Eat A Real Breakfast

Productive moms know the value of a real breakfast.

You may think you are a super #momboss and may even pride yourself on running on empty while still getting everything done, but that’s no way to live or work. Our goals should be big and ambitious but we shouldn’t sacrifice our health in the pursuit. Eating a nutritious breakfast is how every productive mom should start their day. It could be a light breakfast of scrambled eggs and a green smoothie blended with your portable quiet blender so you don’t wake the kids or it can be delicious banana pancakes with flax seeds and fruit. You need fuel to do what it is you do. It’s called the most important meal of the day for a reason.

They Make Their Beds

Productive moms start their day by making their beds.

Making the bed may seem odd on this top 5 list and it is because so many mothers do not do it. I use to be horrible at making my bed. I never did it. I didn’t see the point of making up a bed that I am going to climb right back into in just a few hours. But then I read an article on what successful entrepreneurs do in the morning and it mentioned making the bed. So I started making my bed every morning and I honestly saw a difference in my attitude towards the day. Making the bed gives you a quick win in the morning which makes you feel accomplished. That feeling of accomplishment is them carried on into your other tasks for the day and since you already feel like a winner you will knock those other items off your list with ease. In addition to making the bed, I tidy up my whole room. It makes me happy to walk into a nice clean organized room. In this season of choosing joy and creating my own happy, making my bed and tidying my room has earned its spot on my top 5.

A simple morning routine can make working from home more productive.

Now, I am challenging you to come up with your own top 5 things YOU need to do in the morning to have a productive day. What 5 things will make you happy if it gets done in the morning? A new year is around the corner and this is a great time to look at your morning routine and make changes to it if it isn’t working for you. Efficiency and productivity are two things you need when you work from home and when you work for yourself, so developing a routine customized for you will really shape how you work in 2020 to accomplish those big audacious goals.

Let me know what 5 things you will do to make your day more productive.

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