“I want a marriage that will make my daughters want to get married.”

Many girls dream about their perfect wedding day and the perfect guy they are going to marry. I was never that girl. Marriage and having kids were the furthest thing from my mind until I met my husband. I did not have any good examples of marriage growing up that made me eager to wear the white dress and commit my life to someone else. It’s hard to admit that because I love my parents and have been blessed to grow up in a two parent home, but their example of a marriage wasn’t something I wanted for myself.

I always envisioned marriage to be a fun adventure that you get to live out everyday with your best friend. That’s exactly how my marriage started three years ago before we had kids. Sigh…boy I had no clue how kids affect a marriage. After having my first child, we went from weekly date nights to bars, nightclubs, day drinking Miami, lazy beach days etc. to never leaving the house. On the rare occasion we did leave the house for a date, we always had our toddler in tow. It just became easier to have date night at home, you know Netflix and chill, but more like Netflix and fall asleep. This transition to parenthood has come with so many unknown challenges and one of those challenges has been not being able to go on a real date with my husband by ourselves without toddler for months.

You see, not only do we have an 18-month-old toddler, I am now almost near the end of my pregnancy at 36 weeks pregnant, and my husband and I have not been able to go on a real date in months. Living in a city where we do not have any close friends or relatives, we have not entrusted our child to a sitter just yet for us to go out with just the two of us.

5 Reasons To Date Your Spouse

So when the opportunity to try out the #dateyourspousebox with the promise of reconnecting with my husband and going back to the beginning when things were more simple, I was all about it! I was excited!

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The #DateYourSpouseBox offers twelves dates for twelves months, each with a unique theme that fall into three categories: The Adventurers, The Foodies, and The Happy Homebodies. Their curated boxes are designed to help us take time-out from the roles life has given us, me a stay at home mom and my husband a dad who works outside the home, and we as parents. The box makes us slow down and be a couple again. The #DYSB themed date boxes helps couples reconnect and create memories.

Each #DateYourSpouseBox provides couples with instructions and customized items to execute the date, along with suggested elements such as conversation starters and curated playlists for couples to have the perfect date night. Each date incorporates something to do, something to keep and something to eat.

I got to try out the Great Indoors #DateYourSpouseBox! To check out the video of the unboxing, visit my YouTube channel!


What Came In My Box:

Would You Rather Mash Up card game
Spread The Love postcard
Homemade S’mores Kit
Wondermade S’mores Marshmallows (Sanford, FL)
Graham Crackers

  1. Indoor Star Light
  2. A spotify playlist designed specifically for your date
#DateYourSpouseBox, S’mores, and Indoor Starlight

My instructions told me to gather pillows and blankets, head to the kitchen to make our yummy s’mores, turn on our indoor star light, turn on our playlist, then get cozy in our homemade campsite and get to connecting with the conversation starters and the Would You Rather Mash Up Game.

Our homemade campsite with the #DateYourSpouseBox

Alright! Now that we are all caught up with the who, the what, the why, let’s talk about how it all went.

So, I got everything we needed set up for our date, set up our star light, got our s’mores and got comfy in our living room, and as I was doing all of this, my husband was sitting on the couch waiting for me to tell him what to do! He was a willing participant but not as excited as I was. Turning off the lights and turning on the indoor star light gave me instant butterflies. It was so romantic! I’ve been with my husband for nine years and just being in our living room, which we are in every night, in this romantic way made me feel special and a little shy to be this intimate with my husband. I loved and missed that feeling. We absolutely loved the s’mores! So rich and delicious. The marshmallows were amazing with the s’mores and by themselves. My husband only had a few because he said the chocolate was too rich, which just meant more for me! I had to stop myself from finishing all the s’mores for fear of making my growing baby hyper inside of me. We enjoyed the Would You Rather game for about 10 minutes. I’ve never played this game but some of the scenarios made me think way harder than I wanted to for date night. Maybe it’s because I have serious mom brain or because I was sober, hahaha, but after a while the game felt drawn out. We did go through every card and scenario though. We wanted to do everything the box told us to do so I could give a full honest review. In the future, I would hope to have a strong drink in hand to play this game. Hubby and I were not huge fans of the playlist. It was very relaxing and definitely fit the camping mood, but it just wasn’t our taste in music. Next time, we will check out the playlist suggested and if we aren’t fans we will just put on our own playlist. Sitting in the dark talking with my husband was beautiful. Before that night, I don’t remember the last time we talk about anything other than what my daughter did in playgroup that day, or how I am feeling during my pregnancy, or how was his day at work, or what bills need to be paid, etc. So simply being able to talk about fun things was great.

I highly recommend this box for any couple that needs inspiration to have a wonderful date night with your loved one. I love the message and mission of #DateYourSpouseBox of taking it back to that first date, before all the responsibilities of parenthood and adulthood takeover, just two people getting to know each other, talking, laughing, and falling in love. Now, that the date is over, I have great ideas of what I could do at home with my spouse to make our typical Netflix and Chill night more intentional and special, and we got a nifty indoor star light to help set the mood!

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Prefer to listen to Podcast? Check out my full review on The Mompreneur Project Podcast