Whether you have a large property, a smaller sized yard or something in between, investing in beautifying the landscape can increase the value of your property exponentially. It does not matter if you have Tampa real estate or Orlando real estate values have been on the increase, just like many other cities across the country, rising one percent since last year. No matter where your home is, upgrading the grounds is bound to increase the value even more.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started.

1. Create Hedges

Some of the most wonderful landscapes use hedges along pathways and to section different areas of the grounds. Other properties use them to create shapes and designs that add some of personal style. Other than requiring some monthly maintenance to keep them in shape, hedges are very easy to maintain and don’t even need much water.

Add beautiful hedges to line your pathway.

2. Garden

Ladies, did you ever dream of having a secret garden as a child? I know I did. That dream can come true! A large section of your property can be used to create an over-sized garden with raised vegetable beds and flower beds. Ideally, you should fence this area with a low decorative style, like a white picket fence. Not only will that type of fencing help to enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior, it will help deter rodents and other unwanted pests from eating your plants. If you can afford it, add a garden shed to store your tools and a picnic table where you and your family can gather for delicious summer meals as well.

A beautiful garden will enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior.

3. Pathways

Elegant pathways made of brick, stone or other materials can be built that lead you from your home to your garden, picnic area, or through your newly planted hedges. Depending on the size of your property, the pathways can provide a wonderful place for a peaceful stroll, perhaps with your morning coffee while adding a countryside feel to your property.

Add a pathway leading to your very own secret garden.

4. Water Features

Fountains are fancy! And you mama are fancy! Consider adding a fountain or another type of water feature to a courtyard or backyard as a lovely focal point to the entrance, or maybe even in one your hedge sections as part of a secret garden. If you have space for a pool and you know you, your family, and guests would enjoy it and make good use of it, adding one can add value to your property. Keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit, adding a pool will pay off even more if you’re running an AirBnB or something similar as many guests search specifically for that feature.

A beautiful fountain to give your property a regal look.

5. Hire a Gardener

Lastly, after you’ve updated your grounds, mama do yourself a favor and hire a gardener to help maintain your property if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. If it’s a large area, it can be very hard to maintain, especially if you have hedges, a vast lawn, multiple flowerbeds and pathways. Hedges need to be trimmed, the lawn must be mowed, weeds need to be pulled and pathways will have to be cleared with a blower. The time it takes to keep these areas beautiful is likely more time than you have available, but hiring are gardener is fairly inexpensive and can help keep the grounds looking gorgeous and updated for many years to come. 

Hire a gardener to help keep grounds looking gorgeous.

If adding real estate is an investment and business endeavor you are interested in or are already doing, these five beautifying tips will not only make your property eye catching, but will increase the monetary value of your property for a long term real estate investment.

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