Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting my first “Fitchick to Fitchick” Instagram Live segment with my good friend and personal trainer, Ariana Stowe. We chatted and laughed as she shared her story on why she went vegan, how she went vegan, and how it has changed her life.
You may be wondering, “Nicole, are you thinking about going vegan?” The answer is I don’t know. I am not against the idea of going vegan. I am open to a different dietary lifestyle that will make me feel my best and veganism seems to be the most extreme to me. The idea of going vegan seems very difficult and inconvenient, but after Ariana schooled me and gave me the 411, I was shocked at how easy and doable it seems. I was also surprised at some of the things I learned about the vegan lifestyle.
Here are my top 3 takeaways:
  1. Veganism = Absolutely no animal products. That even includes honey, since honey comes from bees. This one right here threw me for a loop! I love honey! Literally, every and anything that is made from an animal is a “no-no” if you choose to be vegan.
  1. When traveling it can be hard to eat because not every city is as accommodating to the vegan lifestyle when it comes to dining options. It takes some effort and preparation to stick with this kind of diet. If you are visiting family, letting them know ahead of time of your dietary preferences or even bringing your own vegan meals will save you and your loved ones from the headache or embarrassment of trying to help you eat for your needs.
  1. Lastly, a vegan lifestyle could potentially increase your libido! Now that’s a huge plus if I say so. Who doesn’t want an increased sex drive, feel completely sexy and one with their own bodies?…every woman I know!
To watch the full interview with Ariana, click here How To Transition To  A Vegan Lifestyle
So, thinking about going vegan? Well here are Ariana’s top 3 tips on how to make the transition easy.
  1. Get support from real people. Join a group, either in an online community or a meetup group in person. Go out and meet other vegans and build that community for support to help you. Just like a new weight loss plan, do not try to go it alone. It’s more fun with others to hold you accountable.
  1. Educate yourself before jumping in. Read books, watch documentaries, talk to people who are vegan and pick their brains. The more you know before you start the lifestyle, the better you can avoid mistakes or mishaps. You wouldn’t want to have a bad experience from the beginning from lack of know-how, which may make you decide this is not for you instead of sticking it out.
  1. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Vegans have to be very creative to avoid becoming bored with eating the same meals or having to quickly think on their feet when eating out at restaurants. It’s not going to be salads every meal for the rest of your life. This is your chance to experiment in the kitchen and test out your culinary skills.
The vegan lifestyle sounds both exciting and challenging. Every time I talk to a vegan, they tell me they have never felt better or healthier in their life. That’s amazing! I know we all want to feel amazing.
Have you ever thought about going vegan? What challenges do you think you would face if you tried a vegan lifestyle? Would you try a 7 Day Vegan Challenge with me? Comment below!
To catch up with Ariana Stowe and her day to day life as a vegan and personal trainer, follow her on Instagram at @arianastowe. You can also check out her website at for the hottest Brazilian fitness apparel.

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