5 Reasons You Need a Blendjet For Weight Loss

Ready to take your weight loss journey up a notch? Adding a Blendjet to your routine for weight loss can help get you to your weight loss goal faster.

But first, let me congratulate you for making it to another year! Be proud of the accomplishments you achieved last year and let’s be ready to crush some major goals this year.

One of my major goals for this year is to focus on my health in a holistic way. To be stronger, happier and more at peace.

One way I am focusing on my physical health is by drinking more water, eating better, and adding more vegetables into my diet. And I’m doing so by committing to a green smoothie a day using my easy quiet portable blender. 

Blendjet Portable blender.

How Smoothies Help With Weight Loss

As a new mom (again), I am excited to start an exercise routine that will focus on my whole being and I know nutrition is going to play a huge part in getting back in shape.

One of my favorite ways to get fruits and veggies in my daily diet without it getting boring is by drinking a fun tasty smoothie or shake everyday using my BlendJet portable blender.

I am having so much fun coming up with different recipes to blend because not only is my BlendJet portable so I can take it with me to the gym or out for the day with my little ones, but it is also quiet! This is huge! I remember with my first daughter, she was terrified of the loud blender sound forcing me to give up my vegan superfood shakes for months. And when she was napping – that also meant I couldn’t use the blender. Now my second daughter is going through the same phase where loud noises such as the vacuum and blender scare her. My Blendjet portable blender is so quiet, I can blend it with my newborn sleeping in my arms and it won’t disturb her. Game changer!

See for yourself! 

Check out this fun Dalgona Coffee recipe using the Blendjet!

The BlendJet blender is my new favorite weight loss essential, but no product is perfect. It does come with a couple of flaws.

The Pros and Cons of using a Blendjet for Weight Loss


  • It is portable. It can fit in my diaper bag and gym bag. I even took it with me on vacation. 
  • The blender is so quiet. It has a little hum but it is quiet enough to blend without waking up the baby.
  • Very easy to clean!
  • It can blend ice and frozen fruit
  • It comes in a variety of cute colors. I actually gifted several family members with their own.


  • It is a single serving. It is great for you but if you have to share with a toddler like I do, it doesn’t make enough smoothie for sharing.
  • Has as a short battery life. It comes with a charger to charge the Blendjet every few uses. 

This blender has seriously upgraded my smoothie game in a major way. It has removed the excuses I had as to why I couldn’t make a green smoothie everyday.

Also, I recently started using my Blendjet to puree baby food for my 6 month old now that she is eating solids. The Blendjet also makes great frozen margaritas! 

Mama, just because we want to work from home in our Pjs doesn’t mean we can’t slay them by looking and feeling our best. Daily smoothies are a must #imo. And if you go to the gym, then you need a good protein shake to refuel as soon as possible after your workout.

5 reasons you need a blendjet for weight loss.

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Time to set your health and business goals, create a realistic plan, and make this year your best year yet!

Sending love and success your way,



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