Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Cool Dad

It’s that time of year again – Father’s Day! If you are super pregnant like me and struggling with mom brain, you may have forgotten as well. Luckily, thanks to Amazon Prime, it isn’t too late to shop for the perfect gift for the father in your life.

I created this list based off of things my husband really likes. Let me warn you there won’t be any techie gifts on this list, but a lot of other really cool gifts because my bae is just a cool guy like that.

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Shady Rays in Amber Wood

Shady Rays Sunglasses – My husband is on the road a lot for his job and the Florida sun is brutal on his eye so a pair of sunglasses is a must. But my husband also loves to lose his sunglasses all the time. I love Shady Rays because not only are they stylish, polarized, and sturdy, but Shady Rays also replaces your pair of sunglasses (for a small fee) if you lose them or break them while living your best life.

Cole Haan Men’s Zerogrand Winged Oxford – My husbands works on his feet all day and swear by how comfortable Cole Haan shoes are. He owns two pairs in brown and black and loves them!

Daddy Shark T-Shirt – I tried so hard to avoid this song for as long as I could but like many other parents, my daughter heard it, loved it, and now we play it often just to see her laugh and dance. This shirt will earn daddy-o some cool points with the kiddos!

RFID Slim Leather Wallet – Every man needs strong sexy sleek wallet, which are so hard to find at a decent price!

Beer Lovers

Freeze Cooling Pint Glass

Freeze Cooling Pint GlassMy husband loves beer and currently just puts a regular pint glass in the freezer for a few hours for his cold beer but these are so much cooler looking and better designed.

Yeti Mounted Beer Opener – “Honey, where did you put the bottle opener?” “babe you were the last one to use it…” This beer opener will be a nice solution to this problem.

Acacia Wooden Beer Caddy – Did I mention my husband really loves beer especially that of the craft beer variety!

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Repsol Care Natural Bore Bristle Brush and Handmade Comb Kit

Repsol Care Natural Bore Bristle Beard Brush & Handmade Comb Kit – This beautiful handmade beard and mustache is a winner for your bearded man!

The Official Beard Bib Hair Clippings Catcher – This is my one selfish gift on this list because I am the one who cleans the bathroom! This beard hair catcher can be worn like an apron so there’s no mess, clogged drains, and best of all, no cleaning.

Momma.Vida Beard Balm – Beard care is serious business! The Momma.Vida Beard Balm is my husband’s current favorite. It doesn’t leave his beard greasy, keeps its moisturized, and it’s vegan!

Just For Fun

Nintendo Classic Mini

NES Classic Mini Console – Being an 80’s baby, I love Nintendo and totally miss the days where hubby and I would play video games all night. Ahh the simple kid free life! If your kids are older this console makes a great gift for the whole family.

Best Farter Ever Oops Meant Father Mug – I couldn’t resist this one!

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Fitness and Sports

Redskins Golf Club Covers
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NFL Contour Golf Club Headcovers – If I would let him, my husband would have Redskins everything! Great way to pair his favorite team and his interest in golf .

The League Shadow 2 Adjustable Cap – This is such a stylish hat! Stylish and functional while reppin’ his favorite team.

NFL Redskins 4 Piece BBQ Set – Grilling and The Redskins are two of his favorite things! If the dad in your life loves grilling a NFL BBQ setnisbthe way to go.

NFL Men’s Legacy Sports Slide – Both stylish and comfortable, perfect for summer!

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells – Ok so this gift is the most expensive gift on here, sorry, but it’s so worth it. This is another one of those selfish gifts that both you and your baby daddy can use to get in shape this summer and to stay in shape all year long. Pricey but 100% worth it!

What items are you getting the dad in your life this Father’s Day? Interested in any of the products on my list, check out my Amazon store.

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