Lessons From The Service Industry

Is our world’s obsession with happiness causing us to miss out on something possibly more important…like meaning? There is nothing wrong with chasing happiness by all means. But do you ever feel like there’s something more meaningful for our lives.
I’ve been on a Netflix documentary binge and the other morning in the shower, I had one of those earth shattering life changing epiphanies. Ok, not really, but I did have an A-HA moment that put some of my life into perspective. I finally understand why 2016 has been one of the happiest years of my life despite all the stressful trials and tribulations.
I’m actually doing what I’ve been called to do. First off, I am a servant in the eyes of our great God. I live to serve HIM and am honored to do so. I know that the air I breathe and the fact that I wake up every single day and am able to pursue life my way is a blessing that could only be bestowed by HIM. My pastor put it so plainly at my weekly Bible study. The paraphrased version is “if you believe that God sent his pure perfect son to be beaten and killed as a sacrifice for our sins, when he didn’t have to, you should stop and think about how you are living your life!” And because of that I will forever serve HIM.
After 6 years working in corporate America, I realized going down this path won’t help me get closer to the life I truly want for myself and for my family. Working on someone else’s time or schedule does not suit my lifestyle. So, I am currently serving at a restaurant and I actually really enjoy it. I love talking about the differences between clams, the marble of steaks and how what wine it will pair best with. I also take extreme pride when the people I serve leave my table happy and satisfied with their experience. Call me a weirdo, but with my love of food and wine, makes sense that serving is my thing. Also, the flexibility of only having to work a few nights a week has allowed me to work more on my other passions in life like this blog!
Finally, I serve the amazing courageous women I meet on a daily. Nurturing their business growth and fitness growth with love. 
For years, I’ve known that my name, Nicole, feminine version of Nicholas means “Victory of the people” in Greek. Finally, I understand what that means. I’m meant to serve others. That is my calling!
I’ve been given a gift. From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, I am serving…and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

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