This mom life of two has definitely come with many lessons. Some days I feel like I’m killing it. Other days I feel like both my girls are ganging up on me and are winning. One day I finished running errands early and felt a little #momguilt that my daughter’s who were so well behaved that day didn’t get any playtime or fresh air, so I randomly drove to the playground for some fun. It was a huge mistake!

We live in South Florida and I must have chosen one of the hottest days of autumn to go to the playground. The sun was blazing and I was not prepared for a playground trip. This gave me more #momguilt. My toddler wanted to play but the sun was too hot to be outside that day. The more I ventured out the more I am noticing that many playgrounds in South Florida are not shaded and do not have swings or have one and not the other. This make no sense to me. It’s South Florida. Every single park should be partially shaded and have swings. Kids love swings! 

Anyway after this discovery, I vowed to be prepared for any future random stops to the park or splash pad. Life isn’t always perfectly scheduled, things change and things come up so as a mom I must be prepared. 

Here is my simple list of mommy car must-haves for random outings if you have a baby, a toddler, or in my case both! 

Having these items in your car will ensure that if you decide to make a quick stop at a playground you and your little ones will have what they need to have a great time. Or so we hope. Moms we can only do so much right!

Good luck mama!

If you have anything necessary that you have in your car that must be on this list, comment below and let me know. And if you liked what you read, please share with your mom friends especially the newbies!